Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Thames Barrier

Back to a more normal post today. Still in the  local area though, just this time a pleasant aspect of it. The Thames Barrier, keeping London safe from floods for a while yet.  We went there yesterday as a little break from just staying at home for the bank holiday. I have been doing reports and tracking since Saturday. I didn't work much yesterday but worked all day Saturday, Sunday and today. I have done the tracking and two thirds of the reports. I have twelve left. Each individual report is not unpleasant to write, it is just that there are so many of them! I will not do much tomorrow as I have a hair appointment and then I am going out with a friend in the afternoon. 
 It was a lovely sunny breezy day yesterday and lots of people were enjoying the weather by the river.
 A big ship was loading or unloading at the Tate and Lyle factory.
 The river was very full and very choppy. We watched loads of yachts passing by but using their engines rather than their sails.

 We had lunch at the caf√©. A very dry toasted cheese sandwich, and a serving of anti-salad. Look at those leaves. How long have they been waiting to be put on a plate, only to be not eaten? The cup of tea was nice though.
 We walked around the back of the barrier buildings and found all sorts of interesting things. 
 The Art Hub studios which I did not know about. They are in a huge old warehouse building and it looks great.
 The marvellously named 'Noted Stout House' which is now the Barrier Animal Care Clinic.
 A striking sign for the Chinese Performing Arts Centre. 
 Finally we came to the main road again. It was impossible to get back down to the river from where we were, but I was pleased to have the chance to have a closer look at this derelict pub which I often look at from the car on the way home, but cannot photograph as the road is busy and there is nowhere to park.
 I wonder how long it will stay there. It is in a pretty bad state of repair. I really like (want!) the stone eagle sign. I bet it will just be thrown in a skip broken, unless any architectural antiques people happen to have a say.

 In fact I want this tiled panel too! Nowhere to put it obviously but when did that ever stop me?
 Inside the pub. Pigeon droppings, a chair on a table and some old mattresses.
 This is the sign. I love the way the gold sets off the stark black and white lettering and tiles. Lovely.


busybusybeejay said...

As a retired teacher I must say one thing I don't miss is report writing!!They take sooooo long.Glad you managed to have a break and share it with us.

snoopydog said...

Glad you're at least having some time away from reports and tracking. We don't start ours for a week or two yet and are given two staff meetings time, which is at least a little bit of help. Love the views of the boats on the river! Enjoy the rest of the week. Ros

Leenie said...

Interesting info on the river barrier. Thanks for the little tour. I've seen my share of very dry sandwiches and anti-salad. Sad when you expect real food. Hoping you can find a way to get your sign. It certainly needs a good home.

Anairam said...
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Anairam said...

nteresting post, Sarah. Oh, dear, what a sad little toasted cheese sandwich that is! I mean, how difficult can it be to make a good toasted cheese?? Not very. And the non-salad ... yes - a waste of time indeed ...

Tracy said...

Hi, Sarah! Such rich variety here in this post! The Barrier is like big works of art there on the water--very impressive! Feeling very sad over what's happened in London lately...*sigh*... Nice to catch up with you here. I've been away from the computer. We're just back from a little vacation. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))