Monday, 13 May 2013

Ship and Flowers

A contrast in subject matter linked by being seen at the weekend. I saw on the news that HMS Illustrious was going to be moored at Greenwich this weekend, and wanted to go and have a look. It is Britain's only aircraft carrier and is going to be decommissioned next year. Andy and I met there on Friday evening. We then went for a meal-Mexican-and ate far too much, including a very rich banana waffle dessert in which the most tasty thing was the banana. It was fun and not planned so that is a good thing too. Thanks for the kind comments on my last post. I am feeling slightly better today. I have had PPA this afternoon, and, instead of working, I tidied the house, sorted out the washing and now feel ready to get on with my reports, once the new format I am trying this year has been approved tomorrow after school. I really can't concentrate on work when the mess level gets too much. Clutter doesn't bother me but when it starts encroaching into the middle of the floor, and the table is unusable, then I get visions of myself as one of those poor hoarders which make such popular television nowadays. I love those programmes, mainly because they make me feel not so bad about all my stuff as I am not as bad as them. I do feel sorry for the people though. Apparently there is something different about hoarder's brains that means they feel differently about getting rid of stuff than other people. It is going to be re-classified as a specific mental disorder in the DSM-5, rather than continuing to be seen as part of OCD. Ironically, as a semi hoarder myself, I have just bought a book (another book) on the subject in the hope I can either cure myself, or tick things off that will convince me I am not one. 
 The ship was open to visitors but we didn't get back there. We did pop to Greenwich on Sunday and it was even more busy than normal, so maybe that was why.
 I had no goals over the weekend, other than to get lots of sleep which I did. I made two little patchwork quilts and a small crochet blanket for a doll I am going to send to someone on freecycle who sounded as if they needed one.

 In the sunny week we had last week the garden started to come alive. Daisies and forget-me-nots are two of my favourites. I only had a little clump of these daisies last year and they have self-seeded in a few places this year.
 I can never remember the name of this plant which is another really good self-seeder-my favourite type of plant! I love the deep purple colour and the way the colour continues onto the first few leaves.
 My lovely geraniums. In a car metaphor they went from 0-60 in a minute last week. One day none, the next day lots!
 I spotted this Wisteria on the way back from the vets on Friday afternoon. It is amazing isn't it? It doesn't look as good in a photo but you can take my word for it!
Not a ship or a flower, but one happy little cat. Not so happy to be taken for her boosters. She just looked so miserable! She wouldn't even get back in the basket which the other two can't wait to do once the indignities are over! 


snoopydog said...

AWW! Such a sweet pussy cat photo. That wisteria is truly amazing. It's one of my favourite flowers! We have access to a beauty that trails across into our garden from our neighbour's garden. Hope you're feeling better now. I haven't been around to catch up on posts for just over a week now - a combination of being away for the bank Holiday and then way, way too much school stuff to in the evenings! I'm now catching up! ;-) Ros

jabblog said...

Beautiful , atmospheric photos of HMS Illustrious - I love Naval ships. I, too, love forget-me-nots, so reliable and lovely to see afresh each year, along with the violets - and they all self-seed and spread,along with Herb Robert, which has to be kept in check and is probably not welcome in 'proper' gardens.
Best of all is the photo of your lovely cat (Cassie?) I remember seeing photos of her as a small kitten - she's delightful.

Glad to see you're feeling a little brighter - a little more sun would help, I think:-)

Linda Sue said...

summer sunshine- cure all for what ails us. That is what I am holding out for anyway! Oh , and If you were a legit hoarder, you would not be so generous about your gift giving! You would not be able to use the yarn that you bought either. I am slowly unhoarding our house but Mr. Man is a hoarder so....not working as well as planned Also , I went out to the charity shops least I buy stuff mostly for the least I rationalize my buying frenzies- I re-sell non profit. Be sure to take vitamin D- loads of it- your weather is the same as ours and the sun travels low on the horizon- Vitamin D is essential- LOADS!!!

Stacey Roth said...

Very pretty flower!!! Your cat is awfully cute!

Leenie said...

That big aircraft carrier is awesome in the true sense of the word. I'll bet it would be a real adventure to get a tour of the inside. I'm trying to grow those little forget-me-nots. Last year I had a crop failure. I think I fertilized them too much. I'm glad to hear your on the mend.

Anairam said...

Such interesting photos - as always! I read your post below and the first bit sounded like me: knowing myself quite well; burying my head in the sand about issues I would rather not confront; and procrastinating. But I definitely do not have that goal setting thing you have! I think that is what is causing your tiredness and loss of energy. Sometimes you really just have to mosey around with no plans, no goals, no projects, otherwise you will burn out, Sarah! Your job is quite demanding - teaching always is - and when you teach young kids it really takes it out of you.My mom taught for 40 years (Grade 1 and 2 kiddies) and I remember how she just collapsed on the bed in the afternoons and had a nap. I hope your plan to have one week a month with fewer teaching days will be accepted - that will be great. In the meantime I prescribe time on the couch, feet up, cat in lap, maybe a book or a little telly, but mostly just staring into space. It will be GOOD for you!

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Anonymous said...

With my love of Naval history, that ship would definitely have been a must see for me too! Oh my, that Wisteria is beautiful!!