Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hidden Corners and Fading Flowers

Whilst looking for plumbing supplies for school-drain pipes and guttering to use for water play and other investigative play, I saw this great sign. I suppose it should say 'How to plumb' but that sounds wrong even though I think it is right. I particularly like the use of the u-bend pipe for the tail of the 'g'.
 The other hidden corners are in Greenwich and were taken on Sunday when we walked down a few different streets to our normal routes. There are some really lovely streets in Greenwich, and, like seaside towns, it is fun to explore away from the main crowds and popular attractions. This little community garden looked really lovely, and had a resident cat which made me like it even more. I suppose they might do open days-I will look into it.
 I wonder when this very posh house was last a tea warehouse? 
 This little silver tabby was very friendly. Her face looks like the pansies she is sitting next to.
 Another amazing Greenwich wisteria with an impressive horse chestnut just behind. 
I would love to see into the garden of this house. 

 The tulips from last week have made interesting shapes with their dying petals. I am very bad at removing dead flowers but sometimes it is worth leaving them for a while to see how they fade.
These pale yellow and papery thin flowers are ranunculus from ages ago. They have held together quite well. I love how this photo came out-the different greys and yellows and the effect of the water splatters on the window.
This week has been another hard one. Still tired all the time and not feeling quite right, but I am hoping that the weekend will be another restful one. We are off to see my Dad on Saturday for his birthday but Sunday I am going to sleep then write a few reports and not much else. On the making side I have been doing little patchwork quilts for the two dolls beds I impulsively bought on ebay. I am imagining another craft fair one day where these become props so am making a variety of pretty bedding. I want to get some of that lovely French ticking to make two mattresses but it is very expensive so I will look for a cheaper alternative-stripey shirts from Andy or the charity shop maybe. Hope your week has been a good one!


Linda Sue said...

Greenwich is such a pretty place, so interesting and so English...Love your place on this planet! When you come to our massive dysfunctional unit I will have you relax- I will bring you and Andy tea in the morning and you will not have to bother getting dressed if you don't feel like it- half of the folks here go to the grocery in their jammies! It is so relaxed!
I do hope that you feel better soon. feeling less energetic is such a groan especially when your mind is so full of good ideas!
This has been a weird year- too much cake eating to stave off depression, consequently, you know, must buy larger clothes...Charity shops- so good for that! Save your gold, there will be much shopping to do!
Be well, dearest Sarah! LOVE

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Leenie said...

A panzy-faced kitty to guard the garden. A nice match!