Sunday, 19 May 2013


We went down to Lenham yesterday to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Originally just Andy and I were going, but then my aunt and uncle turned up, and my brother, his girlfriend and my Mum came along too. We had a tasty meal in one of the pubs on the village square, then went to look at an exhibition of work by local artists and crafts people. It is held in an amazing old Tithe Barn which is huge. Looking at it I would say it is longer than my little section of street in London which is made up of seven terraced houses. 
Mossy walls held tiny flowers.
Inside the beams are as interesting as the art, some of which I liked a lot. There was a lovely set of watercolours of street scenes which were sunny and warm, and another artist had lots of watercolours of London which were in beautiful muted colours.
This was my favourite painting in the exhibition. I love the moody sky and the way the crows are almost flying out of the picture at you.
There was a little coffee stall so we sat out the back of the barn for a while. This lovely dog was hanging around in case anyone could possibly give him any cake. He made do with a fuss from us though! He looks very sad here but I think that he was actually very content!
This old Citroen was parked nearby and we all had a good look at it. It is basically a carriage with an engine. It has a current tax disc so the owners must potter around the country lanes in it.
I liked its enamel name plate.
This little building is on stilts-the stone ones that look like large mushrooms, though you can't really see because of the mass of cow parsley.
There are so many pretty cottages.
Back in the square. I like the rocking horse suspended outside the second floor of this Tudor house. Down below is an antique shop. My uncle and I were looking at the large travelling trunks outside-he has some to get rid of but is not having much luck doing so. The shop owner rushed out, probably in hope of a sale. One of the trunks was basically a large tin bath with a lid that attached and had a belt around it to keep it on, so that it can double up as a travelling trunk. Apparently from the Boer war.

I am feeling even more back to normal today. I am grateful for this as it was no fun the last two weeks. I have done some work today so feel good about that. Thanks for all the helpful and sympathetic comments, I really appreciate them.


snoopydog said...

So glad you are feeling more like your old self. Looks like your Dad spent a lovely birthday with his family. Have a good week ahead! Half-term is so, so near! ROs

Leenie said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. It looks like a wonderful day of visiting interesting places. I'd have loved to have come along. I'm happy you're healing. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! So glad that you were able to spend a nice day with your Dad for his birthday!