Monday, 16 January 2012

Satis House, Failed Cake and Good Lunch

This is Restoration House in Rochester. Isn't it beautiful? We walked through a park from the back of the cathedral, and as we came out were faced with this house. It is called Restoration House and is Satis House in 'Great Expectations'. I got this information from the signs next to the gate. I have not seen this before either, and will be back in June when it is open.
"Within a quarter of an hour we came to Miss Havisham's house, which was of old brick and dismal, and had a great many iron bars to it. Some of the windows had been walled up; of those that remained, all the lower were rustily barred. There was a courtyard in front and that was barred; so we had to wait, after ringing the bell, until someone should come to open it." This is my peanut loaf. Looks good doesn't it? It isn't though. It is weird. Topped in cake weirdness only by the courgette cake I made many years ago. At least this one isn't green. I got a lovely cake baking book from my Mum for Christmas, and this is the first thing I chose to make from it. I hope the next one is better!

Below is the scene of our good lunch on Saturday. I thought I would give it a mention just on the off chance you get an opportunity to go there. The food was delicious. Topes website here.


Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Sarah! Courgette (zucchini) cake is pretty common over here, but your peanut cake looks scrummy!

Ah, Satis House! My favourite Dickens novel so far, but I have so many more to tackle. Great photograph!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful old house, definitely worth a revisit.

Sorry about your peanut cake, it looks pretty good though. Perhaps the birds would like it if it doesn't taste that good.

Carole Reid said...

Topes looks like an interesting place (as does everything else around it) to visit. So many different roof lines in this photo. Now I'm off to take a gander.
So sad about the cake.

Leenie said...

Such architecture just does not exist in my part of the world. People here tend to build boxy, tacky little houses. The buildings are big and boxy with no character. When they get worn down they are torn down and replaced with more of the same. No history, no landmarks. Someday I will travel to Europe where buildings are cared for and last.

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