Friday, 6 January 2012

Last Part Honest!

Somewhere along the line of blogging, I don't know where exactly, there was a shift in my mind about why I am putting things here, and sharing everyday bits and pieces. When I started, I was only writing for myself, though I did get a couple of visits-one from a Gorilla! But, as time has gone on I am definitely sharing things with you-yes you the reader! (How arrogant that makes me feel-but you know I am not really.) I know some of you really well, some I have met, or have got to know quite well through your blogs, and some I don't know at all. Weird blogging. Whenever I feel I may be boring (one of my greatest fears-and a thing I fear quite often) I think-no, it is just for me, and nobody has to read anything. The off button is a great thing! Do you know, I have written nearly a thousand posts?-well eight hundred and something anyway. I say written, but a lot of my posts are mainly pictures as I feel happier sharing those than words-but that is an awful lot of photos. I got to the limit for blogger's free deal-I didn't even realise there was one-ages ago. It is very cheap to buy more storage-and if you don't then pictures will no longer appear-and that would not suit my perfectionist nature.
Anyway, the point of this rant is to say-this really is the last Dutch post. I love going somewhere different and seeing the things that may be mundane to the residents but are fascinating to me. Andy is never happier than when in a foreign supermarket-on holidays we always make a trip there at least once. I like to look for the things with funny names in English (childish but it makes me laugh) and to see the emphasis put on various foods, and of course the different offers in the catfood range. I think the French were far ahead on the adding vegetables to catfood thing-not necessary to the cats I think, but great in the eyes of the health conscious owners. Though we did used to have a cat who stole broccoli. I am waffling now-the result of two glasses of Friday night wine-much needed after the hectic start to term-making cardboard princesses can be very demanding! That is where I am going to leave it-cardboard princesses-wait till you see them-they are marvellous! I think in years to come, if the internet still works, I will enjoy looking back on the little things in my life that I would otherwise have forgotten.

Today's photos are the last few from Holland-travelling back to the station on the second. Den Haag has modern and old cheek to cheek-a result of a lot of bombing in the war. And the day we went back-the sun came out-at last!

A building like a painting by Mondrian (who's name escaped me so I googled 'coloured squares painting' and like magic there his name was)

Possibly back with cardboard princesses tomorrow.


Leenie said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of your Holland trip. How fun to be so close to so many different cultures there in Europe. And Summer Olympics in your back yard! I've enjoyed your posts very much. Blogging is such a great way to learn about the world and make new friends. Keep on posting, Sarah.

Janine said...

Loving the pics of your Holland trip!

Thank you so much for the giveaway win! You are so clever! I love that little ghost book! Very unique! Thank you again!

Sophie Munns said...

Wow... I'd like to have gone on this trip Sarh..I just read all your recent posts...and I LOVED the sloe gin you made. I saw a rerun of Rick Stein's Cornwall Christmas show recently and he met up with someone who waxed on about it and made me very curious to taste it! It was a great show incidently ... kind of wishing I was back in Cornwall and London over Xmas!

I with you many blessings for 2011!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Looks like you had a great time, but I guess all good things come to an end and the beginning of school looms on the horizon.

Your giveaway arrived safe and sound, what a great little book, you are very talented.

Carole said...

All your photos of Holland make me want to travel there to see it all in real life! Reading you blog is pure pleasure.

Lynne said...

Like you, I started my blog for myself, but also for friends and family, (as I'd moved away), and also to remind myself what's been happening. But it's evolved from that, and I do sometimes question whether I'm being boring. In fact I tend not to post for a while for that reason. I don't think anyone could say that you are boring tho'. You are always so varied and interesting, eclectic might be a good word to use.
Loved following your visit to Holland. Look forward to seeing your princesses.
Happy weekend.

KindredSpirit said...

Do you know I have actually never been to Holland. I must go.

Anairam said...

I always keep coming back to your blog - so you are obviously NOT boring. Yikes, I did not know that about Blogger. There is a limit?? Is that why people sometimes move their blogs to Wordpress? How do I know if I'm close to my picture limit? Anyway, great Holland pictures. I've never been. And I have a considerable amount of Dutch blood in me!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, the internet is great for things like that ("I sort of know who I mean..."). Who needs memory now?

Ned Trifle said...

Love the photos of Den Haag. You know that building is actually called ROC Mondriaan Laak II. Read about it here: