Friday, 27 January 2012

More Positive Thoughts and Things

Monday morning-I got to work very early, about seven, and had to go looking for Fatima our cleaner to get the nursery keys, as it was still locked and alarmed. I walked through the hall and saw a little bird flying around. I got the keys and came back into the hall. I really wanted to help the bird but couldn't think how. I watched it flying around, willing it to get out of one of the open windows. did! A good start to Monday I thought. These stylish mice were dressed by Hafsot. I was working one to one with her to do some language assessment. She speaks a lot-and has good vocabulary and imagination, but often, what she says does not seem to make sense and leaps from thing to thing in a seemingly random manner. I think she has a lot to say and maybe not quite the time to formulate her thoughts before she speaks. However, when given a concrete task like playing with these little mice and getting them dressed, and when I am given the chance to talk to her on her own, then she makes perfect sense. So I am not worried about her now. And I love what she put on the mice. She is a very stylish little girl with a very glamourous mother, so I am not surprised really.

To end the week, another bird visited us. This is the same robin as last week I am sure, as they are territorial birds. The camera work is very shakey but the song is clear.


Carole said...

Very sweet. Your robin over there sounds just like the ones here. Hearing the children's voices and your's was fun too. I miss little voices in my house but with a grand baby coming in May I'll expect to hear it again!
Have a great weekend, Sarah.

Sophie Munns said...

Loved the bird song Sarah!
Wonderful story of the bird and also the little person setting the scene with these mice. Interesting to hear how you work with the children and try to see where they are coming from and give them some room to be.
Very stylish mice indeed.
Thanks for your comments... good you could do something with the tree... painting tonight in the room which, despite the mess I'm making, still feels so fresh!
(sorry i hit upper case by accident there)

Lynne said...

Loved catching up with you, such varied reading. Sorry to read your last post though. Like you, I wonder why some people have to make such a dramam of things. I mean drama.
Enjoy your weekend.

Gabbi said...

Your robin sings lovely and I loved hearing the exchange between you and your student! Great share!♥

snoopydog said...

You describe the scene with your little friend so well, I could have been there too. Such cute little mice to dress! Ros

Sam said...

Wow! Hafsot is a mini designer in the making! Those ensembles are very stylish as you say! Love that sweet robin - you are so lucky to have such a pretty birdie popiulation in Britain!

jabblog said...

Very stylish mice indeed. I like your robin recording with the counterpoint of children's voices - delightful:-)