Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gangs and Fighting

Do birds come in gangs? This little Blue Tit was part of a gang who swooped into the garden on Saturday morning while I was making tea. I am not sure what there is to eat out there at the moment-maybe the berries on the jasmine or the ivy at the back. They didn't stay for long as the cats went out in their own gang and the birds wisely disappeared. This is Cassie in her tent-or lair as it has so often become. I draped this cloth over the scratchy post when I was clearing up the Christmas tree, and she loved it, so it has stayed-and looks better than the post as it is sparkly and silver. Mostly Cassie just sleeps under there, but every so often she leaps out at Tiger or Lily as they walk past, sometimes taking the whole cloth with her. It provides a bit of excitement in their little lives. Lily usually runs, but Tiger often fights back!


Leenie said...

I think you're right about some kinds of birds gathering together to get things done. I like to watch a flock of small birds going after a big hawk. They can send one on his way in a hurry.

Cassie has a very fancy new hiding place. No wonder she loves it.

Linda Sue said...

Our baby Jay now hollers to his gang when I toss peanuts out on the deck.
Our kitties loved hiding behind curtains and under the bed skirt too, Nice of you to leave the tent up- looks secure!

Carole said...

Yes, I've seen a crow gang come in and cause all sorts of trouble on our front lawn! They actually walked around on the grass and chased the smaller birds away. Then they headed towards our kitty and she meowed to be let in. I was amazed to watch this.

Cassie is a tease!

rochambeau said...

Hi Sarah,
Happy Happy 2012!
You are lucky to have such pretty birdies and Cassie is lucky to have her new "post" too! SO interested to read about the Troll Hunter, below!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Cassie certainly looks at home in her new "post", we have birds that gang up and dive bomb our cat to keep her away from their nest.

Rattling On said...

Some of the smaller birds are real bullies! In our garden they rule the roost/s.
Reading your post about an awkward colleague... someone I work with is being very difficult and quite aggressive at the moment. We're all sick of it but it's very hard to tackle sensitively! Looking forward to half term!

Celebrity said...

Classic Blog. Thanks for Sharing.

Tracy said...

Bird gangs are very OK... oh, but fights of any kind... no... LOL... But how sweet to see the bird and your sweet Cassie. :o) Happy Days, Sarah ((HUGS))

Lynne said...

I love Cassie's lair. How nice of her to pose for you.

Sarah said...

Interesting to hear bird gang tales from around the world!
Actually I just stuck the camera under the curtain and took a shot-poor Cassie-no privacy!

Queenie Believe said...

Guard Cat Gang :o) Your kitties are great fun.
Have a wonderful day.
Always, Queenie

jabblog said...

Yes, birds come in packs, droves, squadrons - well, some do. Titmice and starlings do but others come in ones and twos.

Love Cassie's tent - what a pretty cat she is.