Monday, 23 May 2011


Home visits all this week-so the chance to walk around in the fresh air and take photos of the local area-some of which will be used in a display. This is the sign in the first flat we visited this morning-straight out of the 60s it looks like. I love the font. This is our local Sikh Temple-a really lovely colourful building.
This is a roof of a building just up the road near the shops-nearly as beautifully decayed as the one in Greenwich the other day.
The cheery Corner Cafe next door to the building above. A very friendly cafe.
More of the same all week-such fun.


Leenie said...

Great neighborhood photos. I appreciate how you feel about signs and fonts. The Corner Cafe does indeed look like a unique and friendly place to enjoy a meal.

Word verification: cider---now I want some.

jabblog said...

Enjoy your visits! Attractive fonts make such a difference to how we view things, I think.

Liz said...

Great pictures!