Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rosebud and Nature

Meet Rosebud. Rosebud likes crochet, recycling, the colour grey, storms, red lipstick, and sleeping in the afternoon. She is made of plastic and her eyes open and close. She is about five inches high and is nearly able to stand up on her own. She has delicate little hands with a tiny little finger which looks ready to be held up as she holds her teacup.

Nature in the form of sweet peas, battered by some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen. It went on for ages and there was thunder and lightening to go with it. There were huge puddles on the roads as I was driving home, and people were recklessly speeding through them!

Also nature in the form of a little frog. Brought out by the rain and chased by Cassie, then rescued by me. I think he was alright-just a bit stunned. He managed to jump back into the pond from my hand and hide away under a rock. I love frogs and have no worries about picking them up. I could not do this with a spider but I can with a worm or a snail. I don't mind slimy things but am a bit scared of scuttley things!

I found out today that the Tamil alphabet has 247 characters and 12 vowels. How does anyone ever remember all those?! Having just read a bit of this wikipedia page, assuming it is right, there are thirty one letters and 216 combinant letters making a total of 247. It looks beautiful-lovely elegant shapes.


Anonymous said...

thats a hell of a lots of characters in one language!

jabblog said...

I think you got the thunder and lightning we were promised! We still haven't had a proper downpour (I'll probably regret that later . . . )
I like Rosebud:-)I hope your sweet peas survive - plants are usually very resilient, aren't they?
You're right, the Tamil alphabet is beautiful but how does anyone ever read it??

Anonymous said...

Ooh what a sweet frog! We see them a lot at our house. I love it when they attach themselves to the door!