Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Flowery shadows-can you guess what they are cast by? This is the first time I have bought something just for shadow shot Sunday!

It is from Greenwich market and was so cheap,

but contains so much work. It is a mystery to me how it was made-so clever!

And a good use of string I think.

A circular string mat of intricate woven flowers.

If anyone has seen one of these before, or knows the technique I would be interested to hear.
For more shadows from around the world, visit Tracy at Hey Harriet here.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Both the shadows and the original "art" are exquisite.


A shadow’s a wonderful thing;
O listen! Can you hear it sing?
It tells of a time
Before there was crime—
Trust that and you’ll trust anything!

© 2010 Magical Mystical Teacher

Poppy Maidens

Rattling On said...

Mmmm, I think you're straying into macrame territory there! Lovely shadows. It's rained for a week solid here...

snoopydog said...

Hey, that's a beautiful mat, not least because it produces amazing shadows! Have a good week. Ros

Leenie said...

Fun flower shadows. I like the nice textured white wall as well.

jabblog said...

Very pretty - I would have said macrame too, but with raffia.

Elizabeth said...

This string design is very cool.
I wondered at first whether it wold be raffia.

Such vile weather here in NY
Hope it's better in England!

Sarah said...

Oh yes-macrame!