Monday, 2 May 2011

St Margaret's at Cliffe

We decided to go out today as we just pottered around the house yesterday. We drove to
St Margaret's at Cliffe which is just along the coast from Dover. It is where channel swimmers start their journeys and supposedly where the sun first hits the UK each morning. We could faintly see the French coastline today. Mobile phones change to French companies as you arrive. It was such a sunny windy day-bracing is the word I think! We had a delicious lunch at The Coastguard Pub.
We had scallops (mmm!), followed by cod, chips and mushy peas and then I had Bailey's creme brulee and Andy had the cheese board of British cheeses. All lovely! The pub had a friendly cat and the weather was just about warm enough to sit outside though I did wear my hat, gloves and scarf!

A sunny wall makes everything alright.

One of many container ships and ferries arriving at Dover.

After lunch we had a walk on the beach. I didn't notice the graffiti on this chalk cave until I downloaded my photos. We didn't go in there-it looked a little dangerous to me. There were lots of little caves along the cliffs-must have been lots of smugglers.

At first I thought the beach combing was a bit poor, but then I found some little pieces of beach glass, a turquoise bead, part of a lobster shell, a peice of copper, some holey flints and, the best treasure, a lovely piece of wood with a perfect hole in the middle-a sculpture ready made.

I like this little boat shaped hut.

Further along the beach a large white house stands under the cliff. It looked unoccupied somehow and there was a shutter banging on this orange roofed building. A bit creepy in fact. I wonder who lives there. Usually I want to live in these places but I didn't here. The sea was so rough and just below and I could imagine the cats being swept away!

Ah well, back to work tomorrow. I really must do some work, it is piling up a bit as I didn't do much over the holiday. I did have a proper holiday though so I don't feel too guilty!


Anairam said...

Thanks for the pattern, Sarah you sweet girl - and so quickly too!
PS I am no knitter - just started recently when my sons bought me that knitting book. I was shocked at the price of wool when I went to buy some for my neck warmer. I got some really lovely merino wool - handspun and hand-dyed - but wow, expensive!
Hehe - my word verification is "dootswis" - it sounds so whacky. I might adopt it. Yep, my leg warmers are going to be real dootswis!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That is ia perfect day!! Just perfect. Thanks for sharing (and I'll take the cheese board for dessert thank you ;>)

Lynne said...

Sounds as though you had a great weekend, packing loads in as usual.
I'm intrigued by your resin box. Your leg warmers, and feet, look great!

Rattling On said...

What great pictures of a fab day out. We're back to school tomorrow... and the sun's still shining for a change!!

Leenie said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of the coast of Dover. Fun that you could see the French coastline from there. The food sounds yummy and pictures of the white cliffs are amazing.

Elizabeth said...

A fabulous outing.
The white house is very dramatic.

Linda Sue said...

Oh Sarah- you make me yearn- sometimes i am so homesick for england! when I was there the white cliffs always seemed grey- weather was never very good. I followed winter around the globe. I love your photos so much, wish I could have been there.
Adorable cat,too!

word veri-"uphoof"...does that mean what I think it means for me?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day!