Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I was looking for shadows on Sunday-but found this reflection instead. I love the layers in it. I also like the way it makes my messy back room look quite mysterious and romantic.
Two Alliums-the white one is the odd one out in amongst all the purple, and is taking its time opening-prolonging the show which is good. The stars below are on a shorter but larger flowered Allium. Also taking its time to reveal its beauty. I saw that the yellow flags in the pond will be next so have not run out of colour yet. I spent an hour and a half last night raking and sieving to remove yet more stones-there are loads of flint pebbles-I am collecting them to make a path. The part that is prepared for the chamomile is pretty good now-the only time I think I have achieved a 'fine tilth' as recommended in all the gardening books. I love the medieval sound of 'tilth'.
The shrine auction is to start very soon-still not sure when exactly but it is exciting. I have spent this evening looking at the shrines and I am so impressed by the variety of work and the beauty of the shrines and the fascinating insight into the inspirations of the artists. I will let you know when it starts! You can visit Rebecca's Gallery of Hope to have a look at the shrines.
I have not had time to really visit anyone this week but hope to catch up at the weekend. Work is very busy at the moment!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love your shot of the back room, it does indeed look very mysterious.

Flowers are looking great too, well done on your work in the garden.

Lynne said...

Alliums always seem to make a statement. I keep meaning to get some. Very good of you to spend an hour and a half in the garden in such a busy week.
That's an interesting first photo.

rebecca said...

do i spy a tiara in the reflection of your mysterious and romantic back room?????
do tell the story of this...

Sarah said...

Yes Rebecca-it is my royal wedding plastic tiara and is being worn by my shop manikin who lives in the back room. She has gradually been adorned with things including a piece of sari fabric, a corsage, the tiara and a paper pie collar-an interesting thing I had on a pie in a posh pie place in London-I couldn't get it off the pie and into my bag fast enough! It is a bit like those Elizabethan frilly ruffs.