Monday, 13 July 2009

More Bits and Pieces

My little fat computer friend! There is nothing Tiger likes better, than to cosy up next to whichever one of us is on the computer. I tell her to get down but does she listen? Tonight she stayed there the whole time. She knocked my blogger's elbow cushion on the floor so I had to use her! I have started using the journals I made and it is quite fun. I decorated the cover.
I have done a few little drawings and doodles and trying out lettering-see the calligraphy book? I like trying to do this but need practice!
Drawing number one and its subject. This A is my latest charity shop purchase and I just couldn't resist it. It is a really heavy enammelled metal and is about 12 inches tall. Lying in front is the circus girl-the glue for her hair is drying and then I will do her 'do' tomorrow!
A tiny alphabet-using a very thin new drawing pen. The paper in the book is very delicate so requires a delicate touch. So different to my last book!
Tiger in repose and after food. Two of her favourite states! She often chooses to sleep on the very corner of the rug, tucking all of her legs in so she looks a bit like a furry slug.
Close up of the circus lady. She has very muscular shoulders from all that trapezing.

Latest Forest School update. On Friday we had some office workers come in and do a day's hard labour(with me I might add!) to further improve the site. This was arranged through a community charity. This photo is of the horrible prickly bush being removed. When this was finished the lovely den like area below was revealed!
They also created these steps on another steep part of the site.
This is them! They were really great-hard working and friendly. It was an exhausting but fun day!


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Tiger is so handsome! One of my kitties likes to help me with the computer, too. We put in a shelf above my monitor, and she likes to hang out there. Sometimes she will dangle a paw over the monitor, other times she will try to "catch" the cursor. Mostly she just naps! Great photos! I really like seeing what you're putting into your pretty paper journal! :-)

Shell said...

Tiger is so cute and plump. Mabel tries to jump up where my computer is too. She has a bad habit of even running on the keyboard which I hate she does that.

Anonymous said...

love the creativity!

Anonymous said...

Great job on all of your artwork!

Taz loves to chase the cursor if we have the laptop on our laps in the living room. It's so cute when he does it!

Tracy said...

Tiger is gorgeous--what a big, beautiful gal she is! I thought our Charlie-boy was big...Tiger's got him beat--LOL! Nothing lovelier than a cuddly cat! Our Charlie loves when hubby or I are at the computer--he thinks it's cozy time and slumps down pratically on top of the keyboard! Love all the creativity flying around here--your journals and sketching are terrific--very inspiring too. :o) Happy Days!

Janine said...

I just love your doodles and practice pieces! Your Tiger is so cute!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh you have been busy busy...Love the journal pages and drawings...Pugels squeeze in and let me use my arm on them in the recliner...LOL

Hugs xoxox Sonia

Sarah said...

I see that pets and technology mix very well together! Sometimes Tiger actually seems to enjoy what is on the screen-the cursor and some youtube videos. She does get on the keyboard but usually likes to sit on my arm so I can't use the mouse!

Strawberry Girl said...

Oi' that kitty is a definant Garfield! What a snuggly looking cat!

Great artwork, and it's so cool you were able to uncover that garden area! ;D

kendalee said...

Oh your journals are looking great Sarah, as is your Forest School patch - so lovely to see it evolving! And Tiger, wow... FABULOUS feline!!!

Lynne said...

It's interesting to see how you're using your journal. The front cover is great, very eye catching.
Those office workers really worked hard didn't they!