Friday, 3 July 2009

Fit Friday

Sports day today-no pictures-I was too busy running up and down with small children! The downside to the modern world and all its gadgetry is that I will appear huffing and puffing on numerous phone shot videos forever! Or at least until it all breaks which I suppose it will one day. It is also fit Friday as it is the third day in a row that I have cycled to work! I feel so virtuous and I really enjoyed it too. I still have not got the car back but whenever it returns I am still going to try to cycle to work at least till the end of term. The weather has made it a real pleasure but I don't mind cycling in the rain either. I will see. Most of my fads last about three weeks. If I get through the three week barrier I might buy myself some new cycling shorts as the ones I have got are old and worn out.
Here are a few sights from the way home today.

A poor old abandoned building with a poor old abandoned for sale sign. The buddleia has found a happy home though. I love the way buddleia grows anywhere. Any crack in the pavement, side of a building or neglected roof. I planted one in the nursery garden but it did not survive. I was astounded! One has taken root in my garden and I am really pleased.

This is a little nursery which has been there for years and always looks lovely. It is on a busy corner, traffic wise, and really brightens things up. This view is a little limited but I took it because I like their broom display. I need a new broom but did not want to carry it on the bike!

This beautiful tiled sign is on Herbert Road. The shop is now a Barbers and before that was a really good second hand clothes shop. I wonder how many other lives it has had in between being a Grocers and Provision Merchants and now?

Have a lovely weekend!


Shell said...

I like seeing where people live, so your pictures are interesting to me. Cycling is great exercise. Something I should pick up again. I do hope you keep it up.

frayedattheedge said...

The only bike I've been on in recent years was at the gym, where we were members before we moved here! Since writing my blog, I pay far more attention to places, always on the lookout for something like your wonderful tiled shop. If you're going to arrive here all fit and tanned from riding your bike to work, I had beter knuckle down to exercising - I keep saying I'm going to start walking again, but I never seem to fit it in!

Kamana said...

enjoy your weekend :)

MorbidMiss said...

keep up the good cycling work! i know that tiled sign - i always thought how nice it was.

Liz said...

That's great that you are cycling to work. We have been talking about getting bikes for exercise.

Great pictures!

Janine said...

Sarah, you really have an eye! Love your photos. Thank you for sharing!