Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bits and Pieces

This week has been so hot that I have been lying in the garden on my old lounger every evening, apart from today when I went to an eye test appointment that is, in fact, next Thursday! It is lovely out there as I have a beautiful pale yellow/green tree (Robinia Pseudo Acacia) which provides the perfect kind of dappled shade. On Tuesday I managed to do my first actual Forest School session. I was so relieved as it went really well. I have been getting ready for it for so long that I was really nervous in case it was a complete flop! But we had lots of fun, rolling down the hill, climbing the log, using the new pressy down flasks (a popular novelty!) and wearing our boots. If the photo below will enlarge you can see Chloe's comment that wearing her boots was her favourite thing!
I have been doodling away recently and here are some of those doodles. I really would like to run over a rainbow!
These ladies came from some lovely paper I bought to wrap Andy's birthday present.
I often use my journal for writing to do lists. I seem to be more likely to do them if they have been fun to make. I have nearly done all of these things!
I was going to do some more on top of this page but I quite liked it as it is.
I have finished my 'Air' doll apart from attaching her balloons and tonight have quickly started a couple more-just the drawing the body part. I am branching out into four legged creatures and am going to make a horse. It will be a bit of a panto horse I think!This is one of the tissue paper experiment pages.

If you are interested in the little giveaway in the post below, please comment there. Thanks!


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Love your tissue paper experiment page! Like your other doodles, too. Try to stay cool! :-)

Anonymous said...

what creativity!love your rainbow!

Anonymous said...

Your drawing are great!

I am glad that your first forest school session went well!

kendalee said...

Your lists are waaaaaaay more interesting than mine - I'm quite good at writing them but not so good at looking at them again so I might try this as a way of motivating me to actually get things done.

So glad the Forest School went well. Loved reading the list of favourite things - wriggling fingers was a cute one! And how fab that they saw a fox. Was that purely by chance?

Anonymous said...

I must start doodling in my 'blog' notebook - I just write things (such as blog addresses for links) in boring pencil - I must channel my inner artist - I'm sure she's in there somewhere!! Not long now until your visit - I'm really looking forward to it!

Lynne said...

The Forest School session sounds great. It seems that you and the children enjoyed it.
Spending your evenings in the garden sounds bliss.
I make lists, I may doodle on them, but yours are works of art!

Anonymous said...

Forest school - is that like summer camp? It sounds like so much fun! Can I come?

Sarah said...

Thanks Anne! I can't wait to do more tissue paper things.
Thanks Kamana!
Thanks Liz-I was so relieved!
Thanks Kendalee! Yes I liked their list too. THey saw the fox down in the forbidden corner-a part that goes round the back of the nursery uner the trees and is not very safe as they could slip down into the fence. A couple of children tried to go under there at one point and that's where the fox was. I went out the other night after school to do somw sawing and disturbed a fox sleeping in the new base camp area!
I'm looking forward to it too Anne!
Thanks Lynne! I like your new profile picture-is that the new camera?
THanks Sarah! You are welcome to Forest School any time! It probably is a bit like summer camp-very outdoorsy and using nature to learn. It's great!

Anairam said...

I love that tissue experiment - it looks amazing! What a good idea to make lists as art - I like how you tick them off (I also do that) - and I'm really glad you collected those folders from Lucy - because they were important!

Janine said...

Wonderful, just wonderful!