Tuesday, 23 February 2021


Some colourful recent activity and Racer back at Charlton House waiting for Andy to have his jab. 
All put together in a not very good video with the same music as the last one as it is the only tune I like in the video programme.

 I finished a pair of very bright socks recently, and didn't fancy making any more yet. I was thinking of making a pair with a Fair Isle pattern around the top, which led me to buying a book of 200 Fair Isle patterns, and now I am making a scarf by trying lots of them out. I like to draw out the pattern and write the instructions numerically, which is quite a soothing activity, though not strictly necessary as they are pictured well in the book. I like this kind of project as it is not boring and involves lots of fun colour experimentation. 

Here is Racer waiting for Andy. 
She took her camera too!


Terra said...

Racer is a cutie pie, and your scarf is fantastic.

Linda Sue said...

WOW. the patterns in your fabulous knitting are just stunning! It must be fun to change it up and not get bound to just one pattern. AND where ever did Racer find a camera that so suits her??? Lovely sitting on the grounds, she is patient.
Excellent knitting skills, Miss!

River said...

I love Racer's fluffy boots, did you knit those yourself? I'm looking for knitting patterns for such things, but can only do very easy things, fair isle is beyond me, way too difficult.

Fresca said...

This fills my heart with colo(u)r!!!!