Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Wet Birdies

It poured down today, including through the top of the front door. I think it is the guttering, which needs fixing again. The water was running down the front of the house and into whatever gap there is on the top of the door. I will wait for it to dry out and put some sealant there for the moment, until we can get the guttering fixed. not that it hasn't been done before, by expensive rip off merchants who didn't do it properly. This whole house is gradually falling apart. No sooner do we get one thing fixed than another breaks! I have spent yet another day of my holiday doing reports. Editing today. Only five more to do. Then planning, Learning Journeys and then perhaps a day off! 
When it was raining this morning, these little blue tits appeared. They are flitting about the garden every day at the moment, eating the seeds off the fennel, and nest building/feeding young. Today one of the pair, the thinnest and most pathetic looking, kept landing on the washing line. I took the photos through the rain blurry and dirty windows, so am quite pleased that they came out so clearly. I had to block the cat flap as I didn't want the very interested Cassie to have a bird for breakfast. 

 The bird flew off from this shot, but I like the fennel shapes. 
 Look at his little tufty head!


Linda Sue said...

oh what wonderful little plump birds! They look delicious.

Steve Reed said...

Awww, poor bedraggled bird. Yesterday was not a nice day to be out!