Sunday, 22 May 2016

Down to Upnor

It was my Dad's birthday last week, so my brother arranged lunch for us all in Upnor today. We were only there a few weeks ago, but it is a lovely place so I was happy to go back again today. 
 Is a powder monkey where you keep your gunpowder? Not sure but I like the name. There was a big heron in the muddy shallows, fishing. Until he was seen off by a small and angry black headed gull.
 A tiny ladybird crawled around at my feet. I liked the colours in this tiny scene. 
 The heron seems to have seen me!
 Here comes the gull. On Friday morning, I was looking out of the window while making tea, and a black cat appeared on the fence. It was a riveting sight for Lily and Cassie. Then a large crow appeared behind the cat, who didn't notice. The crow started to caw loudly, and saw off the cat!
 Steps up from the shore. 
 One of the feisty gulls tiptoeing through the mud. 
 An interesting grille in the wall of the entrance to the castle. 
 A nautical number sign. 
 After lunch, we drove round to the other side of Upnor. We walked along to the yacht club. I loved this combination of green and red.
 A pause and then back to a pub for coffee. 
Further along there is a beach, where there are interesting things to be found, when the tide is low. This WW2 pill box has collapsed onto the shore.
 This is a figurehead from a naval training ship. There is a training club for sailors here. 
 Interestingly distressed paint on a barrel. 
 And an interestingly distressed boat!

 I liked this mish-mash of a sign. 

 Posters against the airport that was proposed for the Thames estuary that I have mentioned on here before.


Snoopydog said...

Stunning photos, as always! I also love the colours in the ladybird photo! :-) Rosx

Kay Warner said...

Powder monkey was the boy that carried gunpowder from the store to the guns on a warship.
Great photos!

Sarah said...

Thank you Kay!