Friday, 27 May 2016

Last Week

 Two badly treated dolls from the boot fair. I went last week because I felt I deserved a treat after so much work, with more to come. The boot fair is great, and didn't disappoint. I found amazing things at very little cost. I can't resist this combination. These two dolls were my last purchase of the day. The one on the left is like a very cheap ball jointed doll. Both have had bad hair cuts. I plan to make them look beautiful again!
 A face from my journal that I drew last night. The hair is a type of grey called 'Davy's Grey' and is actually a very pale green. I love the colour!
 More boot fair fare. A Kokeshi head. I bought this and a load of other small souvenir type stuff from one woman, and she asked for £1.50. I gave her £2 as I felt bad! There was another Kokeshi doll, this one with a body which turns. I love these little dolls, and these alone for £2 is a steal!
 Roses brought to me by the children in the afternoon. Some of them are from their own gardens but others are probably not. It all started last year when I wasn't even their proper teacher, and now I don't think I can really tell them to stop doing it. I may talk about where they get them from though and perhaps they can tell their parents that it may not be the right thing to do to take flowers from other peoples' gardens. They are beautiful though. 


Linda Sue said...

boot fair, without me!!! Probably just as well , we would have been in competition for dollies! The grey colour is soothing, looks pretty amazing with such a pretty face! I have been very controlled lately, especially since ETSY is no longer and option, so , I catch...and release!

Jenny Woolf said...

Sweet roses. I love the way you have done the picture of them. I like boot fairs too. there's usually something worth having, although prices vary. I like the ones that sell plants, too.