Sunday, 1 May 2016

All Work and No Play and a Yellow Spider on a Pink Tulip

The title explains why I have not found any time, or even inclination for blogging. School work has, once again, taken over my life. I have been humming and haahing over what to do next year. If they offer me a job at my current school, should I take it? It is the sensible option. My pension would start to be paid again, I would get paid in holidays and I would only be working within walking distance of home. However, I would be signing myself over to a life of being constantly not good enough, having no time to do anything other than work, and having no energy to do anything else anyway. Which sums up the last year, and especially the last few weeks. This weekend is a bank holiday. So far I have spent the majority of it working. Yesterday I worked until midnight finishing the lastest batch of adding stuff to the children's learning journeys. These books are a lovely thing, but a nightmare to keep up with, and it doesn't help that there are only two printers at work that I can use, (I don't have one in my room) one of which, in the staff room is always needing toner, ink and paper, and the other of which is right up the top of the school (four floor Victorian building) and never has paper. I take my own, and often, before I can print anything, everyone else's work comes out as soon as I turn it on. Work they have sent but didn't bother to collect. This may sound petty but it is a significant pain when a lot of my displays and learning journey work is photos. Anyway, moan over, I have decided that I am going to carry on with the supply next year, but go back to mainly daily with maybe some PPA cover. I would get paid almost the same as I do now, except I would not be working evenings, weekends and holidays for nothing.

Right, moan over. I just went into the garden to have a look at the latest tulips to bloom and found this lovely spider. She did a little dance for me as I took photos. I think she was actually threatening me, but she looked like she was dancing! There are lots of greenfly on the tulips so maybe the spider appeared to eat those. I saw a similar spider a few years ago in Andy's brother's garden. (Andy's cousin informed me in the comments that it is a female common crab spider)

 Said tulips. 
Love the colour combination of these flowers. 


Snoopydog said...

Love your pretty flowers.... and that spider, although I'm not usually a fan. I sympathise with your dilemma around work/life balance. I have to say, since our successful OFSTED a few weeks ago, my work/life balance has resumed normal service! There is now knitting time, if I want it, every evening ;-) Ros x

Linda Sue said...

TOUGH CALL RE: JOB, WORKING FOR FREE DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A GREAT OPTION BUT NEITHER DOES WORKING YOUR LIFE AWAY ...tHINK WITH YOUR HEART. Sorry caps lock...I am not shouting at you...That is a beautiful little spider, pale yellow on pastel pink, so lovely!

jabblog said...

Is anyone enjoying teaching these days? At least if you're supply teaching you don't have to undergo parents' evenings and report writing.

Lovely photos - I don't mind pastel-coloured spiders or any spiders so long as they stay out of doors.

Shell said...

What lovely pictures. Life is meant to be lived, so I'm glad you are making choices that give you time to create and be.

Sarah said...

Thanks all! I am afraid I do have parents evenings and reports this year as I am long term. Keep gearing up to start the report writing and something else always takes over!