Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Kachina Doll

I started this Kachina doll a long time ago, and forgot about it. It only took about an hour to finish, as I just had the feet to do, and a little sewing. He is 'The Morning Singer' which is a lovely name.  The dolls are made by the Hopi people in Northern Arizona and represent spirits. I think they are beautiful. Apparently, Hopi literally means a person who behaves in a polite and peaceful way. We need many more of those. The traditional ones are carved from the roots of the Cottonwood tree. Mine is crocheted! 
 He is having to cling on to the edge of this shelf, where other dolls live. He doesn't mind too much.
In other news, I finished my reports. I am free! Until Tuesday anyway. 


Shell said...

I love your Kachina doll. It looks really authentic.

Sarah said...

Thanks Shell!