Saturday, 18 June 2016

Photos I like

Just a random selection, mainly from recently, that I like. 
 Tiger and Cassie enjoying the sun. 
 Garden junk. 
 Lily also enjoying the sun. 
 Fluffy sky. 
 Charity shop bargain necklace on free manikin. 
 Cassie staring outside. 
 Cheap mirror being distressed with paint stripper then bleach.
 I went a bit overboard with the bleach so it has a blobby effect. I was aiming more for a splatter.
 Shells on the hearth. 
 Rosie the kitten at Andy's brother's.
 Pink bus to Pimlico. 
 Lily being cute. 
Can't remember when this was from. Might be the Christmas before last when Maidstone was flooded.


jabblog said...

An interesting and eclectic selection of photos. Naturally, I love the shotw of the cats :-)

Snoopydog said...

Love the pics, especially all those gorgeous kitty cats! Ros x

Steve Reed said...

Sun?! Where ARE you? :)