Friday, 3 June 2016


Same day, different town. Whilst still in Margate, we had a naughty but delicious McDonald's for lunch, including cheese balls which are yummy-fried mozzarella-don't eat too much of it-but a little-mmm! Then we pootled along to Broadstairs, and, after driving around it about four times, found somewhere to park. We wandered again, few charity shops, a wool shop (for me-I needed orange!), and one antique shop, where I bought a small green hare to go in my collection of rabbits. He feels at home though. 
I love this elephant n the window of an Indian restaurant. 
This old shop front is beautiful too. 
And the garage-something out of the 1930s.
Sweet cat, waiting to be let in by his people, so not very interested in me, but did at least sit still for his picture.
Red relics near the seafront. The seafront looks lovely but is for another day. 
I liked Broadstairs more than Margate, but both had good wandering and taking pictures potential. Fun day!

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Snoopydog said...

Ah Broadstairs. I spent many a sunny summer holiday on the beach here and loved it . We then took our children for several years when they were small and they loved it too. I haven't been to visit for probably nearly 25 years! Ros x