Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I of course have far too many things. I like things but some of them have got to go. I am happy to say bye bye, that is if anyone wants them. This puppet family came from school a long time ago-along with a few of their friends, deemed too old and old-fashioned to use anymore. I saved them from the bin and am now trying to sell them on eBay. I did sell two last week so there is hope. 
This is from an issue of 'Golden Hands' a craft magazine from the seventies. I have about ten of these. They have some good stuff in but I have lots of other craft books etc so they are for sale. This page shows a lady in Scotland ( I think) making a ring shawl. Lace knitting so fine that the whole shawl can pass through a wedding band. Apart from the eyesight issue, my hands are just too rough for this sort of thing. Amazing work.
 A knitting pattern for a twinset. I like these just for the picture but someone out there could actually make the twinset!
 My two forties knitting books were destined for eBay but when I started to look through them I changed my mind. They are just so funny and interesting so I am keeping them.
 Everyone needs a knitted beach suit. 
 This is not on the topic of things, just a favourite photo from recently. We visited our friend Lorna in Tooting and had a delicious Japanese meal and lots of beer. It was fun!
 These are more things, ones I have added to the hoard though. The kids I teach on Friday afternoon have a reward time at the end of the day called 'golden time' One of the activities in this is hama beads and I wanted a go too! I have a load somewhere but don't know where so I bought myself some more and had a bit if a mad hama bead week last week. The ones I bought are from hobby craft, mixed with some genuine hama ones from a kit. I swear that the hobby craft ones don't stick together properly. I made a large table mat which kept breaking. I solved it by sewing felt on the back but I am only buying real ones in the future.
 This is a thing made by someone else- a genius child and their genius parents and brought into the class I had last Monday. It was too good not to take a picture of! They were in a school only five minutes from my house which was great.
I worked all week last week, and worked yesterday in a reception class (where one of the kids said 'You look like a grandma'-not so great for my self image!) Today I just didn't want to work so I didn't. A bit naughty but I am glad as it turned out because I got a phonecall this afternoon offering me work in a school not too far away for the next three weeks on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So I am fully booked until Christmas! Hurray!


Elizabeth said...

Loved all the knitting ideas.....lovely but too challenging for me!

When I retired from teaching, I really missed it and love the little bits I do now and then!

Poring with rain here today!

Katharine A said...

Love the hama beads. We're having a hama bead revival in our house. Want my kids to try that deer.