Thursday, 13 November 2014


A couple of Fridays ago, I drove to East Peckham in Kent, which took me uite some time in the rush hour, for a polymer clay bead making course with my friend Tamsyn, who I met at the craft fair. It was to make beads using canes-I think they are called, which are sausages of clay encased in a layer, then rolled, put together and cut, in various ways. Over that weekend I made some other beads-based on those stones with white lines in. I have made these ones into a necklace. I have not used the others yet but will do. It is quite fun playing with clay, and easy to bake. A good tip from the course is to use a cocktail stick through the bead to bake it. 

I also made this toadstool, which is now a brooch. 


Linda Sue said...

OHHH the river stone ones are very very nice! Good job!

Candace said...

Those are fabu! I really like the last one.

Steve Reed said...

Those are cool beads!