Monday, 10 November 2014

Old Building

On Saturday my Dad was going to come up to go to see the poppies at the Tower of London. However, it has been getting busier and busier there, and he can't stand for long or walk too far, so changed his mind. Instead I went down and had lunch with him, his wife, and my brother in a pub in the village. Andy couldn't come unfortunately as he had to work. After lunch we popped into the local antique shop, as my brother wanted me to see the upstairs floor which slopes at an alarming angle, and makes it feel as if you are on the deck of a ship. It is made of wide boards, all different to each other. It has a number of rooms, filled with interesting objects. But the building is the star. It is fourteenth century and has oak beams. I would love to live there, even with the damp!


Linda Sue said...

Oh yes- we should all live in that building! What a beauty! WOW, LOVE it too much! See what you can do to obtain it~ I am already packed!

Lynne said...

Oh I love that floor, and the stairs. We passed some substantial looking stone houses yesterday in the countryside.

Candace said...

Wowzer, what a great post. I love old buildings too, Sarah, and this one looks choice, for sure. What treasures this establishment has! Would love to visit it when I come back over... Take good care. Sorry I have not been around (I had a CABG and am just now getting up and about).