Saturday, 27 July 2013

Too Unbearably Cute

Cassie that is, not the royal corgis on the piles of royal tins in Marks and Spencer. She just is! I read an article on facebook the other day about dried catfood and other cat feeding related issues. It said how bad it was for them, how it is sprayed in 'liquid animal digest' to make it taste good, and how they are addicted to it. I am going to read up a little more, rather than taking one article at face value, but it was worrying stuff. I am no one to talk as I am not the healthiest eater a lot of the time, going for carbs over fruit more often than not. Bad Sarah! Just read this post of Suzi Blu's and it struck a chord. I think my problem is time. I tend to eat better in the holidays and actually cook sometimes too. When working I go for ease and the quick burst of energy you get from a chocolate biscuit. I should at least try a whole week without the bad stuff to see if I felt better. And coffee-I drink a few cups a day and I love it. But if I don't have one at night I wake up the next day with a headache as bad as any hangover. 

A painting of a dog I didn't buy, instead taking a surreptitious photo of it. I quite like it but I didn't want another painting with nowhere to hang it. I already have quite a few of those!


Rattling On said...

Not sure about the dried catfood issue. Probably all packaged food is 'bad' but as with us humans it's just convenient. I give mine raw meat sometimes, but the cost to feed them like that all the time would be massive.
I feel a lot better since giving up chocolate and the summer fitness project continues well. I just want to get into better habits and thought the summer holiday was a good place to start!

Leenie said...

I don't think there are many things the manufacturers could put on dried cat food that would make Thomas want it. There were only a few canned foods he would eat.

Most cats have a pretty good idea of what is good for them. Cassie looks like she is doing very well with whatever you have provided for her.

When I think of what feral cats eat I think that most cats can survive pretty well on things we would consider GROSS.

I do like the looks of the royal corgi tins and the handsome dog painting.

Tracy said...

If you have old tin, maybe you could paint Cassie's picture on it? ;o) Too cute... The corgies are too. Happy Day, Sarah ((HUGS))

Lynne said...

Cassie is adorable.
I seem to have missed a couple of your posts. Bad Bloglovin', for not showing them, I think I need to scroll further down. The Gypsy Caravan picture turned out well. I enjoyed reading about the sword and the bottle of fizz! Hope you have a great break.

Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Sarah!

That's a sweet photo of Cassie!

I read this website:

a while ago, and removed all dry food from our house. Gilbert has been on a wet-food diet for years and he'll be 20 years old in a week's time.

Red was constantly whining for food on his alternating wet-dry diet, and now he eats more often, but is satisfied and his coat looks amazing - no mats!

I wouldn't go back to dry if you paid me. We also add extra water, even to the wet food.


Jenny Woolf said...

You know I have entirely missed out on royal baby tins and memorabilia. What's up with me? Have I become a recluse without noticing?

Anairam said...

Must say that even if I don't like cats much, she does look adorable on the photograph! I still feed Snous kibbles, but I am supplementing it now with chicken breast, boiled in water with a little bit of carrot and cut up in small pieces. She absolutely loves it. I just make a few at the same time, cut it up and then freeze in small containers.

snoopydog said...

Cassie, you're such a cutie! Yes, much cuter than those corgis. Actually, you don't see corgis very often these days, do you? Or poodles! Both breeds were much more popular when I was a child. Poodles always wore those little collars with sparkly stones on them! ;-) Hmm, think I'm getting old! Hope you're enjoying the holidays! Ros