Tuesday, 16 July 2013


In the virtual world I was at a tea party. In the real world I was having a very busy but good day. We got up early as Roger Tester the electrician was coming round to fix our bathroom fan. I love it when people have suitable names for their jobs. I also had lots of work to do (still!-They keep thinking up more and more things for us to do!). I had to go to the post office and the shops for cat food. When I came out of the shops I thought I would check my tyres. There was a programme on this week about dodgy car places and one of the items was about things stuck in your tyres. Good job I checked as there was a great big bent nail in one. (Nearside rear-I love little proper terms like that too so I can expertly (!) chat to the mechanics) I rang up a garage I have used before for the same thing and they could fix it within the hour. It took little time and only cost £17.50! And the electrician fixed our fan and our over cooker light all for a very reasonable price. Whilst waiting I had plenty to look at on the tastefully decorated garage walls.
After finishing my work I decided to have a little trip to Rochester. The beautiful weather we have been having continued and I had a fun hour or two pottering up and down the High Street.
Back at home, I saw that my friend had posted on Facebook that she was stuck at home and fed up as the weather was so lovely. So I rang her up and we decided to go to a park for coffee and cakes. We went to The Horniman Museum gardens which are lovely and up on top of a high hill with great views of London.
The cakes were tasty as well as pretty. Mine was the purple one-blueberry.
The view over London with the Shard visible. A wedding party in the bandstand and my friend waiting for me on the wall with her bad foot up!
It was busy but everyone was very relaxed, sitting around in groups and enjoying the sun.
Mini silver ware for the dolls houses which maybe I will do this summer. I say that every summer but you never know!
In the evening Andy alerted me to a mouse in the back room. He was clinging to a wire that just hangs there uselessly. This is on the windowsill and the window sill is behind my pile of 'stuff to sort' and therefore I couldn't get at him. Tiger and Cassie were transfixed. Tiger even managed to jump up on the windowsill once without falling off! As far as I know the mouse is still in there. I hope it may have escaped though.
Roll on next Saturday!


Marilyn said...

Oh dear, I won't be going near if there is a mouse in the house. Love seeing your view of London.

Queenie Believe said...

Sounds like a beautiful Saturday was had by all, even the wee mouse.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Linda Sue said...

Hope little Miss MOuse finds her way back to her village! The photo of the garage! At first I just scrolled down through your photos as I usually do- then went back to read text- I thought the garage was some trendy cupcake cafe! Cleverly decorated with vintage gas ads! Cool place. Looks like a perfect day in your neck of the Woods- beautiful weather! OMG! You will be here so soon and for not long enough!

Kat Mortensen said...

What a good friend you are to rescue your mate and go out for coffee and cakes! I wish I lived near you.

Mice bring loads of excitement don't they? So do spiders, flies, things blowing outside. We had a little vole in our garden, but I fear a neighbourhood cat has got him. Oh dear.

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Liz said...

I seem to have become the Queen of getting nails in my tires. It happens to me a lot and Bryan has become very good at plugging tires!
Those cakes look delicious! And the mouse...so cute! I hope it was able to get away.