Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Playing and Proposing to Play

I work very much on a do the hard stuff then claim the reward type of system. Recently there has been a lot of hard stuff so I really do deserve it! My rewards are quite simple and cheap. One type of reward-most evenings, is my little bit of making time. It is a rare evening that I don't do a little bit of something, even if it is only one or two rows of crochet. Progress on projects is nowhere near as fast as I can think of them, but I do usually finish eventually. I only have a few unfinished things hanging around.
 Another reward is that of planning the next thing I will make. This stage can last a while. Currently, and not pictured here, I am planning another large drawing. I really liked doing the one for the tea party and having something to work on a little at a time. My next one is going to be of one of my Gypsy caravans, rescued from the shed, and awaiting being coupled with the china horse I bought the other day for this purpose. (Good excuse eh?!) China horses are not really my thing but I can't draw a horse from my head.

Linda Sue sent me a crochet skull pattern on facebook the other day. It was for a scarf. I don't have any yarn soft enough for that but I had just got some bargain aran cream yarn from (another) charity shop and so thought that pirate bunting might be fun. So far I have only made two skulls and one square so a bit of photoshop play was needed. Much quicker than the real thing!

 Free ship images from here. (Much appreciated!)
 The other bit of proposed play is turning these frilly lady lampshades into sparkling mini chandeliers. It is one of those projects I have seen lots of examples of around the internet and I wanted to make my own. I have a whole bag of lovely droplets, a bargain from Greenwich market a while back and they are at last going to be put to use.
I will have to get over my problem with destroying things though. I almost like them as they are but I can see them with jewels too. Maybe I should do one first to see how it turns out! They would make a good base for dolls as they are a ready made skirt, but I am not really doing dolls at the moment so chandeliers it will be.


Kat Mortensen said...

What must it be like to live inside that head of yours? Are you a light sleeper, like me?

Sarah said...

Ha ha-busy! I am not a light sleeper-nothing wakes me up really, but I don't get enough sleep as I don't feel tired late at night. I always regret that in the morning though so I try to be good and go to bed at least before twelve!

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