Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Farm Trip

We had a great trip to the farm today. The children loved it. Here are a few pictures from our day.
 Fluffy hens.
 A hen you could touch. Later, on the coach, I asked the boy I had with me today how the hen felt. He looked at me for a second, then said 'Better'. My other favourite quote of the day was from him too. As we were going around on the tractor ride he looked at me and said 'I love this'. Makes it all worthwhile!
 Isn't this rabbit just so cute? This boy was, as instructed, very gentle. One of the others in my class chucked some of its bedding all over its head. You can't win them all. His Mum brushed it all off again and the rabbit didn't bat an eyelid!
 The llamas of love. Not your usual quick animal antics, but a long lasting, and seemingly meaningful experience! I should have warned of adult content at the beginning but I don't want to attract dodgy spam!
 This sheep was looking at us just as closely as we were looking at it!
 The tractor we rode on. My favourite make, a John Deere-favourite as it is the only one I can remember!
 Scarecrow seen from the tractor.
 One of my kids throwing herself off the sheer drop in the play park. It looked great in there as I watched through the plastic mesh!
 Another milking the plastic cow. The main learning that went on here was that the cow had a water tap behind its back that we could turn on to fill it up. Not sure that the cow-milk link was made!
 I drive past this roundabout with its fish sculpture, quite often but can never take a picture as it is dangerous! So when the coach came this way I took the opportunity.
This one is on the same stretch of road and is related to the gypsy horses that are kept near here. It is a lovely sculpture. It is a strange tradition putting sculptures on roundabouts. While I think it is great and enjoy seeing them, I also think it is a distraction. Not as bad as the ones that are planted so densely that you haven't got a chance of seeing what is coming around it.
We have another trip tomorrow with the other class and then back to normal school life!


jabblog said...

Seeing things through a child's eyes gives things a new perspective. I'd love to know how you explained the llamas! I laughed at the water tap filling up the cow. Who knows what mixed messages that sent?

Leenie said...

So great that there is a place where kiddies can learn about where our food comes from and about life on a farm--in all it's amazing forms ;-)

John Deere Green is just the best color for a tractor!

Kat Mortensen said...

What a coincidence, we were at a local organic farm on Sunday! Took loads of pictures, and there's one with me being nibbled on by a calf, while I'm holding onto a cat. Paradise!

Sarah, please find me here: http://kats52pickup.blogspot.com

Apart from my food blog, this is where I am posting.

Love, Kat

snoopydog said...

Sounds like a lovely day out with the children. We're off to 'Africa Alive' tomorrow, with our Year 3s, having been studying Kenya and the habitats of savannah animals. Thankfully the weather is going to be fine and dry! Ros

Liz said...

Looks like you have a fun day with the children! Even as an adult, I love to visit farms. The llama picture was hilarious!