Thursday, 25 July 2013

Last Day!

Yesterday was packing day in the nursery. I had to park up the road as some of the builders had got the space I sometimes get near school. As I walked down I saw this man watering the living wall on the community center. I want to make one of these at school next year.
 It was also the last day of my lovely Canadian colleague Cheryl. This year may have been a hard one in some ways, but it has been great working with her as she is a lovely person. Positive, funny and kind. I will miss her.
 Mr Tiger had to go too!
 Some of the quality furniture awaiting being transported to the new room. Can't wait for some new furniture!
 My empty room. I quite liked this room, but am glad to be getting one with toilets and sinks.
 The next teacher's possessions waiting.
I brought the petunias home in a bucket. It seemed a shame to leave them. I managed to give away all the tomato plants to children and parents. I brought the herbs home too but will take them back next year. A colleague took the courgettes. I am looking forward to developing the outside area next year. The new teacher is very into the outdoors and growing things, so at least that is one thing we have in common. But for now I am forgetting about work almost totally. The last two weeks have been taken up by a job that, although not really mine, I was 'delegated' to do by my line manager. It is something that I am quite glad I did, as I think I did it well, and got to do it my way. It took me a long time, including most of a Saturday, and half of last Sunday. I gave it in for final approval before committing it to the photocopier. I got it back, via someone else, and did not even get a thank you or a well done. It is not that I am desperate for praise. I am not, and in my school that is a good job as it is not very forthcoming. I am pretty self-motivated. It is not that that annoys me. It is the basic lack of courtesy. And the insensitivity to others feelings. It is not a one off and I am not the only person this happens to. I will be watching next year, and thinking. I am thinking about whether it is the best place for me anymore. I am sure it will be hard to leave if that is the decision I make, but it is something I have been thinking about a lot this year. So, holidays here I come! Stress goodbye! Rest hello!


Tracy said...

Enjoy your WELL DESERVED holiday time, Sarah... what a year you've had. :o) ((HUGS))

Patty said...

About 2 years ago I left a job (with
notice, the 'right' way) which was
killing my spirit. I was working with
children, books and art. Sounds like
a dream, right? The middle management
was interfering, negative, gossipy and had a sharp eye for mistakes which had to be written up.

It's damaging to work in such a place, no matter how one loves the
actual work. Take care of yourself!

Sarah said...

Thanks Tracy and Patty! Patty-it sounds like you know exactly what I mean. Thanks for the advice.

Leenie said...

Enjoy your holidays! It's good that teachers get a break from the daily grind since they seem to receive so little else for all the hours of hard work with not-near-enough pay. If the world was right, educators would make much, much more than managers. Education is our future. Management is a necessary--dare I say--evil.

Sherwani said...

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