Friday, 23 December 2011

Treat Addict

We have spoiled Cassie and now she is a little monster, determined to get treats at all hours of the day. She is getting a little fat belly. The treats have to stop. This is day three of limiting the treats. Yesterday was day two and she was very angry. Poor Cassie, it is not her fault. Today she is less cross and has given up begging a little more quickly. At the moment she is in her favourite spot on her sheepskin rug. It is hard to say no to such a cutie, but we have to be strong! I am playing with her a lot to try to distract her, and also as she is a bit house bound at the moment, as she seems to have gone off of winter weather.



Queenie Believe said...

It is hard being the bad guy with the fur babies... I know I have two with little round bellies. It is very hard when you are eating something tasty and they give you their very best look.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Kat Mortensen said...

Good luck with that whole "limiting" thing!
We have created a few monsters here: Daisy is the dairy-fiend, and both she and Red go mad for salmon-flavoured hairball remedy. It's not good for them to have it all the time, so they get barely a taste on my finger. Daisy sits on the toilet seat and waits for it!

Gilbert's vice is margarine! He gets his "swipe" every morning without fail, or we hear about it!

Did you get my Xmas card?

rachelsmith133 said...

Lol one of my cats is a bit of a treat addict to. She gets very cross if we run out!

Lynne said...

Paddy just has to hear us in the kitchen and he comes looking. I'm afraid Jewel taught him that. We used to give her tit bits when she came into the kitchen as she always could do with feeding up a little. Then he realised she was getting food. We do the same with Jess! We just have to be careful with Paddy as he would just eat and eat and eat. He would also bother us more for food as well. Arthur and Rufus don't bother to come and seek food. We have to take the treats to them.
Cassie sure is zonked and lovely in that last photo.