Monday, 12 December 2011


A moment to breathe and look at the sunrise, the seagulls and the red cranes.
To paint a face-or at least look back on one painted.
She looks serene, which is almost how I feel-maybe on Friday!

Such a relief after the mad rush that was today. The production went ok-I was the only one that made a mistake-due to sudden overload of things to do-but we coped and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I have half sorted out my problem and need to plan carefully what to do next-but the difficult part of today is over!

Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday-it helped!


Carole said...

Difficult work situations are draining. I hope you get it all sorted quickly so you can really enjoy these next few weeks. Shake, shake, shake those shakers!

jabblog said...

Not quite winding down, more ticking things off the ever-growing list as the end of term approaches;-)

I'm glad your production went well - I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. The egg shaker is very pretty - I bet they all are.