Friday, 2 December 2011

Rosebud and Robots

Lots of dolls seem to be called Rosebud. I have two and they are very similar. I am not sure if it is a make of doll or if it is their little rosebud lips. This doll came with no clothes on. Tonight I finished her little crochet dress and made her a red silk petticoat. I also made her wired tissue paper wings so she can be a fairy on the tree or somewhere else if we don't get one. I need to make her a wand and then she is complete. I couldn't decide if I liked the black and white or colour photos better.
She looks like a little 1930s film star to me.

On a different subject, I can't believe my eyes when watching these Asimo robots. I am sure you all have seen them, but there was one on QI tonight, and in the end I could not make myself believe it was not a person in a suit. Amazing-and chilling in equal measure.

Asimo avoids a person.

Asimo plays football (it made me laugh how the human misses the ball in Asimo's first go!)

Nao Thriller

Qrio robots dance salsa

People dressed as robots get out of a Nissan and dance robotically


Carole said...

I like the coloured ones. I never would have guessed her dress was red if I hadn't seen it in colour. The b&w are nice too. They give an antique look to the photos.

Asimo kind of creeps and awes me at the same time!

Serenata said...

She makes a lovely fairy, and yes does look like a 30s film star.

Lynne said...

I used to have a doll called Rosebud. Not sure if I gave her the name. I used to make clothes for all my dolls. I sewed, crocheted and knitted dresses, skirts, tops, hats, scarfs the lot!
I am always amazed at Asimo. He's quite charming, but when you think about it, he's quite sinister too. The salsa dancing was my favourite.

Leenie said...

Your Rosebud is as a wonderful nostalgic beauty. The robots are freakin' scary. I think I prefer dolls that can't sneak up and choke me to death.

Linda Sue said...

Love little Rosebud rosy cheeks and rosebud lips! Her outfits are tres chic! How is a girl supposed to decide?
Asimo is so cool! I really like robots and AI. Can't wait till i can marry one!

KindredSpirit said...

I saw asimo. It scared me.