Thursday, 22 December 2011


A speed awareness course took all of Monday. I should not have been doing 36 mph in a 30 zone, so I went willingly. It means I do not get points on my licence, and also that I am now aware of a few things I didn't know before, and which have made me more careful than maybe I was before. It is always good to think about things more carefully for a change and I am doing so.
Tuesday was work-from the morning until the evening. Planning and assessment. I took a break and ended up tidying the kitchen drawer and cupboard. Does anyone really need 10 packets of fuse wire? I was amazed there were so many! The last week of school was a blur-school production-went fine, sorting out the problem I mentioned-went ok-not perfect but the best I could do. Next time I will just refer the people concerned to the head as I feel some things are just not my job. School Christmas do on Friday-not great-a comedy club but the comedy was not very good. Drank too much, walked home and felt really ill all day Saturday. Saturday night was a friend's party which I enjoyed-didn't drink too much so felt ok on Sunday-just exhausted!
Wednesday-Christmas shopping and wrapping. Today Christmas shopping and lunch with friends.
All this adds up to no blogging time and no real inclination either. I have had lots of things in my mind to share and just did not have any energy. I also have not really visited much this week either. I am hoping to rectify all this tomorrow and over the weekend. I am looking forward to Chirstmas day as it should be relaxing. I hope that everyone has had a good week and look forward to catching up!


Rattling On said...

Not sure we have any fusewire at the moment...or at least not to hand.
We get to see all the police/fire/paramedic films at school for Y10 PHSE, not very festive...
Hope you're feeling more energetic soon, that's the problem with the holidays: you spend the first part working/calming down and only get an odd day to relax in the end.

Rachel Fox said...

I feel all the fuse wire could make a great xmas tree sculpture or something... maybe next year!

Queenie Believe said...

Culling the fuse wire herd... a daunting task indeed. ;o)
I hope you get some down time over the holidays to rest and recharge.
May the joy and blessings of the season surround you and your family.
Always, Queenie

Christina said...

Happy Holidays, my friend.

Jenny Woolf said...

those speed awareness courses are very good, I went on one and it made a real difference to me. I think they have stopped doing them in some areas, which is such a pity.