Thursday, 29 December 2011

Post Post

In my journal nothing much was happening. Until, that is, the Christmas post started to arrive, with its exciting stamps and postmarks. I scraped some ink onto pages and started to stick in all the things that took my fancy. After the day itself I added some of the tags and ribbon too. This mosaic has the lovely Jessie, on the envelope of the card from Linda and Becky in Greece. Today's post has a recycled princess and the pea bed for her. There are also some Dutch stamps from my friend Sarah who we are off to visit on Saturday.

Pretty and religious stamps-and helpful information in the postmark.

A lovely Canadian stamp from Kat.

A page trying out a tree stamp (of the other kind!) from Clare.

A sticky label from a delicious lunch in Leon in Bluewater.

A handmade tag from Cleo.

Doing this is also good for combating my hoarding instincts-stick in the pretty stuff and recycle the rest-every little helps!

Before I go, have you seen Retronaut? I have subscribed to it, so get at least one fascinating email a day. It is such a great site.
Also this is very sweet. The geese think the microlight man is their mother!


jabblog said...

Well done - your creative juices have been whetted once again . . . ;-)

Janine said...

Nice, great idea!

Yiota said...

Your journal looks fantastic as always!
I haven't managed to keep up with mine, I'm afraid!

Have a wonderful new year, Sarah!

elizabeth said...

So pretty and such fun.
You actually get to enjoy the envelopes too --rather than just ripping the envelopes open.
Foreign stamps always seem so exotic.

Queenie Believe said...

Very fun collages of traveled treasure.
Have a happy new year.
Always, Queenie