Wednesday, 16 November 2011


It is so lovely to have a lake next to a supermarket and it looked very calm and lovely in the early evening light.

The sun glinting on the block of flats that overlooks the school is what made me take this picture. I have been to the nineteenth floor of these flats on a home visit and the view was amazing. I would be a terrible nosey neighbour if I lived in one of these places.

This is the sun that glinted on the building. It was behind drifting clouds and looked like the moon in the day. This afternoon I did a fairy tale activity-hacking through a very dense and thorny plant so that we can have a view of the diggers. (the similarity did stop there-no princess) I am nearly there and we could catch glimpses of the action. One of the boys in my class spent about an hour this afternoon watching and giving me updates-'It's going! It's not going! It's going round.' I need to climb over the fence in the morning to just do the last bit.


Carole said...

I wish I was a student in your class!

Leenie said...

Wow! Whatever you did to your photos made them look like fine art! The top one especially looks like something by J. M. W. Turner.

Sarah said...

More textures from Kim Klassen-I love playing around with them!

Allegra Smith said...

Absolutely gorgeous shots and the textures add a sense of fantasy to them that I simply love.

Thank you for all the caring and most of all for your friendship. I love to hear from you and so does Barry now. Take care of yourself, I will be back soon.


Lynne said...

Interesting photos.
What funny images you conjure up with hacking through the undergrowth to take a look.
Lovely thought to have a lake by a supermarket, is it in central London?
Thanks for your comment, are you on your lunchbreak? It's funny as the first thing I thought of when I fell was, (after what happened there, how did that happen?), was did anyone see me, especially as I let out a yell as well! Fortunately I was on my own.

Sarah said...

The supermarket is in Thamesmead-very near to the river. I was on my lunchbreak yes-I now have a wireless work laptop so can have a little look at blogs at lnchtime if I want to!

Rachel Fox said...

Gorgeous pics. Really effective.

Sarah said...