Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Things

Every so often I need to learn something new. I like the big things, like learning to drive, but those things are not very regular. Instead I have gone for two smaller things-one to learn from scratch, and one to improve at. I am doing a Craftsy crochet course (Crochet Lab with Vickie Howell)-and if I ever make anything I will show you! I have had a major breakthrough though, in that I have managed to crochet a (small) swatch that has not decreased in size. This is in the double crochet stitch, which I am becoming quite a pro at! The courses on this site are available as often and for as long as you need so I can take my time.
The other new thing is a photo course with Steve Sonheim called 'Photo Silly'. It has a daily assignment, and also a quite easily understood technical guide, which has already cleared a few things up for me. I find the technical side of any interest the boring part, and am therefore lazy at it and don't make much of an effort. However, I do realise that there is a reason for this knowledge, and therefore want to change this annoying habit of mine. So, the types of wool I am using have become more important to me in felting, the ability to read a pattern (knitting or crocheting) would be great, and the understanding of more than just the auto setting on my camera is a goal! In that light, this is my own discovery while doing the class assignment tonight-how to make my camera have a long exposure. Also I have finally found out the purpose of ISO! (not that I used it here but I could have!-you need a high ISO setting to photograph in low light without a flash-but the pictures will be grainier, the higher the ISO setting is) I also managed to use the self timer-hurray for small steps!

The assignment tonight involved a leaf and a face-and Cassie's was the face I chose. I took about 45 pictures and these are my favourites. She was very patient and helpful by mainly staying still!

She looks mad in this one!



Sweet curled up paws. I think this is one taken on manual, as is the first one of her, but all the others are auto I think.


frayedattheedge said...

I don't know how you fit all of this in with your busy, demanding job! My ambition for the New Year is to do more with my camera.

Tracy said...

Silly camera work... I love that idea! So sweet these kitty portraits, Sarah! I love learning new things too, and often each year try to do something new I've not tried before--often craft/art related. Oh, speaking of art, love your new banner! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Love that pussy cat!

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Linda Sue said...

Love the final shot very much! So much to learn so little time, yes?

Sarah said...


Leenie said...

Good for you to push yourself to learn new. Cameras have so much potential. Like anything else the more you do and the more often, the more capabilities you have. Then, just when you thing you've got a handle on it--a new toy comes out with more buttons to push.

I've had a Nikon slr camera for several years and I'm STILL learning what it can to. Meanwhile the industry has advanced Nikon cameras so fast that I'm thinking I may just choose to stay behind.

Rachel Fox said...

It looks like your cat is coming out of a shell!

Anairam said...

I love that you are learning both to crochet and use your camera at the same time. It just sounds so cool - Crochet & Camera - you could start another blog!
PS I am very alike you in that the technical aspects of any endeavour bore me terribly - I am lazy that way, and it is a shortcoming. For TWO years now i have had on my list to learn to use my camera properly - and I yet have to do something about it. So although I make no excuse for dabbling, I do see the benefits of learning to do something properly - you have now inspired me to do something about that camera of mine!