Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thursday in Focus

Thursdays start with me banging wooden stakes into the grass to tie a blue rope around, to make the barrier to Forest School. Although I wish I had a ready made fence, the actual hitting of the stakes is quite a good stress buster. I just think of the most annoying thing from work that week and hit away. This week has had its share of annoying things but in comparison to more serious matters in the world they are unimportant.
My word for the year is 'focus'. It is the first time I have picked one and I am not sure if it is for me. I do think of it quite a lot, but only in a 'why did I bother?' way. I don't think I have changed my behaviour, or approach to how I do things. I was quite focussed before on what needed to be done and I still am. This week I was presented with a massive task to complete which didn't exist last week (relating to assessment surprise surprise). I got a bit stressed, then decided to follow my own plan and complete what I had decided to do, and not what someone else had suddenly wanted at short notice. So I did that last night, and I think I will still have time to do the other work. Maybe that could be it-to focus on what I need to do and say 'no', or 'wait' occasionally. Here are some of the things focussed on today! B. with his feather.

Sunlight through reeds.

This lake is near my latest supermarket discovery Morrison's. Behind the lake is the Thames. There are lots of birds. Today there were some cute little black and white ducks.

Not sure what this is but it is so pretty.

As I was walking back to the car I looked down and saw this poor little ladybird.


Linda Sue said...

Excellent day! Love the feather shot with the blurry child- glad you get to hit something hard with intent! I think that is why I needlefelt so much- great for stress relief. I find the word "focus" a rather bossy word- I am afraid I would have to rebel.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love the pics, but love your word for the year "focus" . I guess we could all do with a little of that, then we wouldn't get sidetracked.

Have a great weekend

Are you curious about me? said...

The blossom that your not sure of, I think that it could be hawthorn?

Dear little lady bird his got his dots in neat rows...A tidy ladybug!

Lynne said...

Love the first photo especially.
I think focus is a good word. That's what I needed to do when crocheting in front of the telly the other night. I had to undo the same bit 3 times.

Tracy said...

Hi, Sarah! That does look like hawthorn blooms, I think so too... it is lovely, airy, dreamy... Actually all your photos today have a bit of a dreamy quality about them! Focus...for such a small word, it is rather a "heavy" word, isn't it? If you're not happy with your word, try another word. No harm in trying out another one. :o) Hoping you have a good weekend ahead, and less stress week next. ((HUGS))

Yiota said...

Some annoying things do seem unimportant these days, don't they?
And yes, saying 'no' or 'wait' sometimes helps you focus. It's a good word.
Take Care!

Anairam said...

Well, you should have chosen "presents" as your word! But I think you are doing very well with "focus". Focus on what feels right, not what others feel you should focus on.

Leenie said...

Chopping firewood works well as a stress buster. We'd send the boys out to chop up a stack as punishment. I used to blow off stress by making bread. I got the best bread when I was angriest.

Love your photos. All winners.

Anonymous said...

Another super batch of photos - so that was obviously a good use of 'focus' (ok, that's a rather weak joke!!)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that things like that can be good stress relievers! Love the pictures!

Bimbimbie said...

I've got to have the feel and smell of a book. I used to hate reading aloud in class, it wasn't at all enjoyable. But these days I often take out talking books from my local library.

Don't you think Xylophones are happy making instruments*!*

snoopydog said...

Just love these pretty photos. Making me feeel all Spring-like! Tos