Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Noses and Garish Flowers

Today is Comic Relief in the UK. It is a massive fund raising event started in 1985 by Richard Curtis to raise money to provide famine relief in Ethiopia. It has been going ever since, raising millions every year to help people here and abroad. Red Nose Day is the more popular name, and there are red noses galore around today. I have watched most of the evening and it has done what it always does-sadden me so much that children are still starving and dying from fully preventable disease. Let alone the other problems that they highlight and help people with. What they are asking for is simple, money to help and I feel lucky that I can help in that way.

At school we raised money through paying to dress in red, having a cake sale, and making money boxes with the children to collect money at home if they can. I wore a teashirt with William Shakespeare sporting a red nose. Tragi-comedian that he was. I asked the children if they knew who this was. 'Mr Tumble' called a couple of kids very confidently.

Mr Tumble


I read about a brilliant idea for raising money over at Rebecca's blog-where for every comment made, the blogger donates a certain amount, This was raising money for Japan. It was called de-lurker fund raising. I really don't imagine I have many lurkers, but if you are a lurker then please reveal yourself. If you are not a lurker please leave a comment anyway! For every comment on this post between now and next Friday I will donate £1 to the Red Cross for Japan, and £1 to Comic Relief.
I found Sophie Munn's blog via a blog ramble tonight and I can't remember how I got there.
This post is so interesting and I then read lots more.

This is unrelated to anything but it has got red in it. It is our newly planted bedding plants-we were an afterthought, as Dennis, our premises manager, had ordered too many! I think ofsted will definitely be impressed, and probably not want to look at any data at all once they have been dazzled by these! (ofsted are at the school up the road this week and panic in the upper echelons is palpable! Being at the school up the road does not necessarily mean it is our turn next. If it is I will laugh at the laziness of ofsted inspectors, or maybe just be impressed at their ergonomical thinking) I am too tired to care so I don't! I did the pointless and time consuming job, plus some others so there!


rebecca said...

oh sarah! thank you for sending your reader my way! i have been meeting lovely new people and enjoying there blogs so much...once again making the world a closer family.

i have hear of red nose day from my days in england when i use to work on the Queen Elizabeth II or the QEII. oh those were the days!!!

i really love this feeling of one world one family that blogging supports whole heartedly.

Linda Sue said...

I wondered what all the red noses on facebook were about- My husband donated one thousand dollars- he asked me if I wanted to donate $500.00 but I think that $500.00 would go further in Africa than in Japan at the moment.Or even Planned Parenthood locally- so many worthy causes. You are awesome, Sarah!

sallybaileyhome said...

I love Red Nose Day...the way it really captures the imagination of the children! Kitty did a sponsored 24 hour silence yesterday(a minor miracle that she managed to achieve it!!)and is so proud of what her efforts could pay for in Africa. A big Well-Done to everyone who contributed and donated to raise such a phenomenal sum of money xxx

Yiota said...

I first learned about Red Nose Day on Jamie Oliver's site.
Well done, Sarah!

Lynne said...

Nice to have some cheery flowers.
It brings it home, when you think how long Comic Relief has been going, yet there is still so much poverty.
I'm off to visit some of your links now.

Liz said...

Red Nose Day sounds like a lot of fun! It also sounds like a great charity! It's nice that you are doing a donation!

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