Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another speedy day

Every day seems to go by so fast at the moment, with so much to cram into it. Work is the usual whirlwind, with meetings, deadlines, and the shifting emotions of a large group of colleagues. In between all of this I take pictures. All the time. Sometimes I think I will leave my camera at home, but I can't bear the thought of missing something! I am so happy that digital cameras have been invented as they allow me to indulge my photo addiction! I have boxes of old photos, taking up room and needing to be sorted out. At least my digital stores are not taking up physical space. So here are a few moments from yesterday and today that made me smile. (Yesterday's photo did that-I liked the guesses as to what Samuel had made-but he had actually made a 'toilet for girls'-I presume because she was sitting down!)

This is the result of overlaying different pictures-a crow on the play ground and some sunset shots from tonight. I like the way it has turned out but cannot remember how I got there!
Number plate seen in the carpark at Sainsbury's tonight. Andy pointed out to me that I have consistently got Sainsbury's wrong on here-so I went back and corrected them all! I always check my spellings but it was a mental block over endings I am afraid. And me a teacher. Starting sentences with 'And'-I do that quite a lot and am not even sure if it is wrong or not-I am just quietly rebelling!
Cow placed by an anonymous child. It looks happy there.
Crow and ancient school railing-I love this railing-the colour and the rust.
When the school is rebuilt I may try to procure it!
Kamile's gift. She is a sweet Lithuanian girl who speaks only a little English and does not know that she is not supposed to pick the flowers. (It is very tempting I know) She brought me a little bunch of daffodils with a big smile yesterday-so cheering! Then she picked some more for her Mum!)

The sunset-and the reflection of it on one of the buildings on the Isle of Dogs.
A tangle of Jasmine prunings-it would be good in a fairy tale to hack through and rescue someone. It is very scratchy. I took it to the tip yesterday -recycling centre really but I can't help but call it the old name. I am looking forward to 'Gardener's World' coming back on Friday-a sure sign of Spring and making the effort to get back out there and sort it out!


Elizabeth said...

I loved the little girl's flowers
you have captured them and shared them so it doesn't matter at all
that she wasn't meant to pick them!
I was an English teacher and I often start sentences with: BUT..........
and I can't spell

spring seems more advanced in England
than here!

Leenie said...

I'm so glad you take your camera and share your photos. It's so fun to have a little window on your world. I'd ask you how you got the cool effect of the crow and branches. But you're like me. When I finally come up with some remarkable effect; I have no clue how it happened. AND I like to start sentences with and. It's okay by me if you do too.

Tell Kamille, "Thanks for the view of daffodils." That cheery yellow is such a nice contrast to our gray, gray weather here.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

What a lovely series of shots. Nice to see some signs of Spring. Well done.

Autumn is here in NZ for sure.

Lynne said...

What a fun packed post!
I especially love the first photo. I think that digital photos are a great invention. What would we do without them?
I'm not sure what the and rule is all about, so I break it anyway too.
Those flowers are sweet.
Yes I saw the trailer for Gardener's World and thought maybe I should follow it this year, by taking notice and doing. We've a lot of digging to do here first though before we get our garden straight.

Tracy said...

Your layered photos are truly INSPIRING, Sarah--I'm just dazzled by these images! Thank so much for sharing. :o) I'm being brave Friday and posting a little from my art journal... a first, so I'm a bit shy, by hopefully not the last. ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

Your crow is so very excellent- would make a great felted wall hanging. All of your photos are fabulous what a feast for my eyes!The flowers in water really brighten up this dark grey wet day.So sweet of that little girl to think of you and her mom.Rules are tedious at best.The school railing is awesome!Glad you have your eye on it and will be saving it from doom!

jabblog said...

I laughed at Samuel's 'toilet for girls' - how observant he is;-)
I like your crow pastiche - it looks intriguing.
The little Lithuanian sounds a sweet child - it's so difficult when everyone is talking and you can't understand a word!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sarah - I often start a sentence with 'and', although I know that it is grammatically incorrect!! Another lovely collection of photos - like you I can't bear to leave my camera at home, as I am convinced that I will miss a wonderful photo opportunity!!

rebecca said...

sarah...you have a gentle loving eye for beauty, and the generous heart to share.
thank you for the peace i find here.

Dawn said...

I love the myriad of subjects that you capture in your daily photos!
My day was over in a flash, as well. Since it reached 66 degrees here today, I worked in my studio, got into the flow, and accomplished pretty much nothing else...how lucky can a girl get?

WrightStuff said...

Lots of lovely Spring shots! Looks like you had some great fun playing with your photography, I know that I can certainly lose hours that way!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Sam said...

Love how you're playing around with those photos! Very imaginative!

Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Sarah! Just wanted to leave a quick message and say thanks so much for sending the lovely postcard with the girl and the balloon. I was really touched by the gesture. (Only 6 more days!)



snoopydog said...

This is just the loveliest post. I just wish I was half as aware of my surroundings as you are. You just seem to be able to capture the smalliest, loveliest little details to make me sigh or smile. Ros