Saturday, 5 March 2011

Grey nails, a new cushion to decorate with charity shop finds, and some rearranging of furnishing and fittings all combined to make today a happy one. Viruses on the old computer are not so good, and I am still waiting for it to finish its scan so I can go to bed! It all looks very scary in computer terms but I am hoping the scan will do the trick. I have been looking out for grey polish for ages and finally found some today. Imade an exception to my rule of not wearing it on my fingernails as I love it so much. I even felt slightly glamourous doing the ironing!
I am decorating the cushion with scraps of a sparkly scarf and a small tapestry. I have been reading a lot of interiors books this week, and it must have inspired me. I have rearranged the bedroom based mainly on the needs of the cats-more on that tomorrow!
A bit blurry but it gives the idea.

This morning was a sitting by the fire morning, then a visiting the post office with parcels to send and a sitting in the cafe morning. Below are the love cats demonstrating love of warmth!

This week has been a very busy and exhausting one, but I did go on an interesting course about tree safety and how to identify potentially dangerous trees. The main fact that I have retained is that you only have a 1 in 20 million chance of being killed by a tree. The other one is that trees where bats are roosting are protected habitats and if you damage a bat's roost you can be fined-£5000 per bat!


Linda Sue said...

whoa! Pricey bats!
I Love the combination of fabrics and textures- very pretty- I have some silver nail polish that I have worn once- it was too distracting for me and my nails are really in such bad shape- your's are so much nicer and yes, they do look glamorous.

Rattling On said...

I always feel glam with polish on as well! I like really dark colours when I do wear it... what does that say about me??

jabblog said...

£5000 per bat sounds a bit steep, particularly when you think that bats don't roost in solitude!!
I like your tapestry - it (almost) inspires me to get mine out again . . .

Anonymous said...

The whole bat fine pleases me! Humans need to learn to leave our wildlife alone. Everything has it's purpose whether it's liked or not!

I love the kitty pictures!