Tuesday, 25 May 2010


They travelled all the way from here and so were very tired when they got to my house. But they had their own seven up, so things were not all bad. They are looking forward to moving into their new house as soon as the lazy giant who owns it actually does some renovation. Until then, they are happy to live in and around their little box, with their magical menagerie.
Thank you Linda Sue!
The words are from one of my favourite songs-though they are slightly wrong.


Poetikat said...

I've never heard that song before, Sarah, but I like it!

I assume you're the "lazy giant", are you? How nice to have such delightful little guests all the way from Washington.


Linda Sue said...

They look so happy to be there , with a caring giant...They forgot their travel food, may have to send it along soon...They left it on the table in the excitement of going to live with Sarah, the best giant in all of England!

Candace said...

Wow, that's some giant trip to live with the Long Woman of London! What a sweet set up this little group is. Your experiments with photos and type on your blog look fab, Sarah! Thanks for your visit, too.
Always a treasure, coming here.
Candace x

snoopydog said...

They look quite settled in their new suroundings. Love the little rabbits!
Your header photo is beautiful by the way. Ros

Anonymous said...

Love the header photo ..... and your little people. I laughed when I clicked on the link to see where they came from - I had a friend here today from Bellingham - but the one just down the road in Northumberland!!

KindredSpirit said...

sweet if a little trippy!!!!!!

Allegra Smith said...

Gorgeous header! I love irises in all their colors and bearded or not they are absolutely a work of art. And the wee people are so adorable!
Both Barry and I have this incomprehensible attraction to tiny things. We buy tiny packages at the Oriental stores which hold who knows what - they are never written in English - but they are adorable and wrapped with such a care. So we buy them and keep them and when someone asks "what is it?" the truthful answer is always "no idea" which leaves everyone wondering about the two of us :)

How is your weather? Ours has been horrible and that is a compliment. The poor garden is making its most valiant effort to survive the rain and the winds coming at it constantly. This too shall pass but I wish it had already. Hugs from here and take care of you.

Sonia ;) said...

Guests are so much fun...Love the words to the song...