Saturday, 8 May 2010

Photoshop Fun

Tiger is enhanced in a garish way.
Butterflies dominate a grey sky.
Stars obliterate my feet.
Butterflies and pretty frames surround the snowy park.
This one is less frivilous.
Trying out the brushes.
Photoshop brushes, free downloadable brushes that have to go in special, almost secret folders on your computer, variations in colour and opacity. The list of amazing things that photoshop does just goes on and on.


Janine said...

wow you are getting good at this!

parallel-botany said...

Your cat just stole my soul.

The shot of the jewlery, that you said was "less frivolous" -- what did you do to that photo?

I like seeing all your practice photos, playing around with different effects. Looks like you're learning a ton in your course!

Robyn said...

I dream of photoshop... unfortuantely for me I operate from an old computer, but not as old as the one before ;)

I absolutely love all that you have done here.

I'm back online after a week of horror.
Funny how dependent we become on these things.

I'll be in touch soon.
x Robyn

KindredSpirit said...

cool. are you using photoshop proper or elements? it's fun!

Sonia ;) said...

Beautiful pictures sweetie...Happy Mothers Day.


Kamana said...

love the eyes of the cat. hypnotising!

snoopydog said...

More fabulous Photoshop pics! I love them all..... especially pussy! I really would love to be a little more skillfull with the program.
By the way, yes.... I wind the yarn skeins into balls first! They still sometimes get into tangles, but nowhere near as badly as the skeins would :) Have a good week! Ros

snoopydog said...

Thanks for popping in earlier! Just wanted to make you feel a little better about your lack of report writing. I wrote three yesterday and was supposed to write three more today. Guess what........ I didn't!!! I know, it just means more another day, but never mind. There WILL be a day when all I want to do is write reports :) Hmmm! Pigs might fly! Ros

rochambeau said...

Oh la la laaaaaaaaa!
Adore your photoshopping ! !!
It is SO cool & what is possible is endless!! You've done a great job fiddling, Sarah!!


jabblog said...

What fun you're having! It's so interesting to play around with different effects.
Congratulations on Perdita - you must have been thrilled. It was a lovely gift to receive at the end of the day.
(The forest I refer to with boring regularity is very near - 2 minutes by car, a little longer on foot. It's managed by the Forestry Commission.)

Tracy said...

LOVE this photo play, Sarah... Tiger and the butterflies especially... Such fun! Happy Days ((HUGS))

aimee said...

photoshop is such fun! i'm very uncreative with it - i just use it to adjust color settings and crop. need to play around w/it a little more!

Not Wendy said...

These are neat! :3

chrome3d said...

Lots of fun with the brushes and the stars that obliterated your feet had that something for me.

Liz said...

I love what you have done with the pictures. It looks fun!

Candace said...

This is great, each and every one of them. I especially love Tiger! and really enjoyed the frames as well. I actually have Photoshop -- somewhere -- on my computer. Mmmm...

Take care!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Looks like you are having lots of fun! I especially like the one of Tiger with the brilliant green eyes and all the stars floating around! Wonderful! :-)