Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Random Wednesday

Poor doll who needs help but is beautiful. It looks as if she wants legs like those on the sock yarn band.
The local recycling bins on a particularly busy day a while ago. As I arrived there today I saw a woman picking up the good stuff-interesting bird cage thing and something else that looked useful. I didn't pick up this car but I have taken stuff from here before and given it to a charity shop, as people just dump things all over the ground and not in the bins, much of it perfectly usable. Hopefully a person with a child who could use it took the car. 
Soft drawing that appeared one night. 
Hands found in Greenwich in the window of a gallery. Only three of the pictures are palm up. I wonder if people feel more vulnerable that way, or if those people have more open personalities.
Spiky person from my drawing tablet, which, amazingly, still works and connects to this computer fine. 
And that's the end of Random Wednesday.


Linda Sue said...

The car looks a good size for orphans.
The hands, palms out, look like "stop, in the name of Love" Think it oh- wo -ver.
Woman on black is very cool- How did you make such perfect round yellow fruit?
The dolly is beautiful - wheel chair needed maybe.
I love your random Wednesday!

River said...

I love the soft drawing very much. That car is a great find, I hope a small child is enjoying it now. Love the lady on the black background.

Steve Reed said...

It makes me nuts to see people throw away perfectly good items. Why they can't be bothered to take it to charity is a mystery.