Saturday, 20 March 2021

Sylvanian Family Wedding

 A royal wedding photographer called Jo Short, and his daughter Juno, created a Sylvanian family wedding and he took amazing photos of it. They were on BBC Breakfast the other day and it made me smile so I thought I would share it. It is only a link as I am probably not allowed to use the photos but it is worth a look! He said on the news, that his daughter told him about her plans for the wedding, and he asked if he could take pictures. She said that unfortunately her brother was going to do that. So he said he hijacked it with the promise of various Sylvanian wedding goods such as a marquee, and took over. They were very funny!

Here is the link to BBC news. Sussexes to Sylvanians: Tiny Wedding shot by royal snapper


Linda Sue said...

I was expecting a people wedding of some sort, imagine my delight- another person of our ilk, a grown assed man! Beautiful! Wicked cool. The dog, hahaha, and the dirty dancing! genius!

River said...

That has to be the prettiest wedding I have ever seen. I sent the link to a couple of friends.

Fresca said...

Love this--thanks for sharing!

Girlette Eeva here is friends with a Sylvanian cat, Pulla.
They seem to share an aesthetic of dearness?

Shell said...

That was really lovely. Thanks for sharing.