Sunday, 21 March 2021

Doll Socks

 After a comment by River, I tried, unsuccessfully, to make some doll boots using a bear foot pattern, like the ones that Racer had on for a while. Then I thought I would try to write a doll sock pattern. I could do the rib, the leg, and would have been able to do the foot and the toe, but the heel turn was making me very confused. It is like a magical thing happens when you do the heel turn, and I could not work out that magic for myself. Luckily there was someone who had, so I used her pattern, but changed the toe to make it more like a real sock. The pattern I used was on Beep Beep blog here. When reaching the end of the foot, this is how I do the toe: 

Round 1) k3, sl sl knit, k7, k2tog

Round 2) k4, sl sl knit, k4, k2tog

Round 3) k4, sl sl knit, k2, k2tog

Finish with Kitchener stitch on the two groups of four stitches. Here is a great guide to Kitchener stitch on Purl Solo.

So, now all four girlettes have their socks, plus the glamorous pink haired girl on the settee, I am going to make some to send to River and other girlettes I know! It will take me a little while but they will be on their way sometime in the next month. 

Here they all are in their new socks!

Madeline, Racer, Minnie and Hope, all very happy with the colours they chose.

I made these first, on 3mm needles, so they are too big for the girlettes. I used 2.5mm ones for them, and thin sock wool.
I have had this bag of small skeins of variegated sock yarn for a long time, and not found a use for them. They are just perfect for doll socks and are really lovely quality. I think they are pure wool. I didn't even realise what kind of yarn they were when I bought them, I just liked the colours!



Fresca said...

JOY is bursting out here!
From me, at the excellence of the socks, and from certain small beings who are soooo excited that they are to be given SOCKS!
(They say they don't mind sharing, you don't have to make a dozen pairs!!!)

Wow, Sarah, I am so impressed with how you knitted such tiny things!
The colors are great--they match each girlette---and Pink Hair doll (she's jointed, luck girl!).
Please, what are the names of the bears with her on the settee?

Fresca said...

P.S. I told the little beings that "other girlettes I know" didn't necessarily mean THEM, but they would have none of it.

"Oh, she means us, we are sure of it!" they said. "Racer & Minnie told her all about us."

Linda Sue said...

FEET feat!! Everytime you do something this impossible i say to the Orphans that they should go live with you. I may try to felt boots for them...The soles should be something that grips surfaces ,like rocks and counter tops, Their world is a slippery place! Great making tiny sox!! I. Can't, Even!! Pinkie is a superb model, she must work in a hair salon.
( two more orphans showed up at the door...oh dear! I need a bigger orphanage!)

Linda Sue said...

Lovely to see the bears!!

River said...

Did you hear my jaw drop to the table? Those socks are seriously cute and lovely. I haven't heard of sock yarn, but I do have several balls of variegated yarn from a cheap dollar shop. It's 8 ply though and maybe too thick for socks. I'll copy/paste that pattern and probably read it through several times before giving up. I don't understand the sl sl, is that two stitches slipped without knitting them?

Sarah said...

Yes Fresca, I do mean them! I am happy to make lots of socks for them. Another friend arrived today, who is wearing wellies and is called Lorna. Her name jus popped into my head. She is Scottish and may be a distant relation of Minnie, though we are not sure. The bears are called The Three Bears. Daddy, Mummy and Baby. Not sure if they have any other names, they have never told me. What they have told me is that they like sitting on the back of the sofa so that is where they stay. I found them in Portobello market when out with Linda Sue and couldn't leave them there. I bought them from a man who goes to Belgium on shopping trips so they are Belgian bears. They are lovely and very solidly stuffed!
Linda Sue the bears say hi back! I think felt shoes or boots would be good. Not tried that. The problem I had with sewing shoes was that they would not go over the foot, and girlettes being quite stiff in the leg area that was a problem. Felting might have a bit of stretch like knitting. And another girlette showed up here today, so I now have five! She has little wellies on which I am very excited to see. She can go mudlarking!
River, I will maybe do a post with knitting tips and links to videos that are good. I have learnt so much about knitting in the last few years and it is almost all courtesy of the internet. I will also put things that I do that make things easier. I am sure you will be able to knit some socks!