Thursday, 18 March 2021

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At school a few weeks ago, the children in Reception were looking at the art of James Rizzi, an artist I had not heard of before. He was an American pop artist. He came up with the idea of 3D multiples as a way to solve the problem of having to hand in work for painting, sculpting and printing classes, but only having the time to make one set of work. (This is what Wikipedia tells me anyway) So he made hand coloured etchings which he printed twice, and mounted parts of the print on top of others using wire, thus giving it a 3D effect. I love the faces in the windows that he drew. The second picture is the one I started at school when the children were doing theirs. I didn't see the faces pictures until I looked him up at home. 

This paper doll outfit is a photocopy of a doll Linda Sue sent me. I added her head and hair. The faces are quickly drawn with watercolour pens, which I recently bought, despite vowing not to buy more art supplies. But they are so lovely! The hair is watercolour paint. I have been watching Sandi Hester videos and she inspired me. I watch lots of YouTube videos at the moment. I don't know why I didn't before! IT always recommends other channels and she was one of the recommendations-a good one! 
The page on the right is done with gelato crayons. They are water soluble and really soft and creamy to use. The woman is from a magazine and looked much nicer than my version! On the left are colour charts of my new pens. 

 And more colour charts, and more Sandi Hester inspiration-drawing pens I draw with! 


Linda Sue said...

Sandi Hester is a lot of fun isn't she- thank you for a new addiction!
The city scape that you have done is great, charming, fun and colorful.

River said...

Excellent paintings. I don't remember learning anything about art when I was that young, all we did was finger painting with many reminders to not eat the paint.

Steve Reed said...

I've never heard of James Rizzi, but his ideas sound interesting. I love your drawing of the cat-shaped buildings!

Fresca said...

I want those watercolor pens!!!
But I looked online and was baffled by the many options--can you advise?
Is there a brand you like?

Wonderful alluring work--esp the faces...

The children are lucky!

Frex said...

Thanks for the email about the pens--I ordered 12 Spectrum Noir Aqua pens (with a feeling I'll be ordering more of the colors...). :)
Springtime calls for MORE ART SUPPLIES. :)

Frex = Fresca