Thursday, 2 July 2015

Art Class Day

I had the day off today so I could join my Mum with her art class friends on Sheppey. I had a lovely day. We didn't spend that long doing art as it started to rain, so we went to a cafe and then to a pub for lunch. I had a little walk with Mum back along the beach, then we went round to her friend Pat's house for coffee before heading home. After yesterday's extremely high temperatures today was a relief as it was cooler and a little overcast. Not that cool- but cooler.We were in Minster, a part of the island I don't really know. I want to go back there soon. Mum said she used to come here as a school girl with her art class to paint the cliffs. The pub we went to was called 'The Playa' and used to be 'The Playa Club', a private drinking club where my Nan used to go. It was a pub really but you had to be a member.  It did good food-the best food I have had in a pub recently-the last two pub meals had issues!
That's Mum in the middle, and Pat on the right. They have been friends since they were little. The other lady is also in the art class, and is originally from near where we live.

Ah well, back to work tomorrow. Apparently it is sports day for EYFS in the morning, and then I am making Eid Cards with the children in the afternoon, before making mouse rockets for golden time. Looking forward to collapsing in the evening!

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